Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 Maximum State Distribution
Chapter 3 General Computations; Amounts Used in State Tuition Support Calculations
Chapter 4 Determination of Pupil Enrollment; ADM; Adjusted ADM
Chapter 6 Calculation of Basic Tuition Support Distribution
Chapter 7 Special Education Grants
Chapter 8 Career and Technical Education Grants
Chapter 9 Primetime Program
Chapter 10 Other Tuition Support Grants
Chapter 13 Complexity Grants
Chapter 15 Dual Credit Teacher Stipend Matching Grant Fund

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 20 > Article 43 - State Tuition Support

  • apprenticeship program: means an apprenticeship program registered under the federal National Apprenticeship Act (29 U. See Indiana Code 20-43-8-0.3
  • Autism: means a neurological condition as described in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • Complaint: A written statement by the plaintiff stating the wrongs allegedly committed by the defendant.
  • contractor: means a person awarded a price contract. See Indiana Code 4-13-1.6-1
  • Corporation: A legal entity owned by the holders of shares of stock that have been issued, and that can own, receive, and transfer property, and carry on business in its own name.
  • department: refers to the Indiana department of administration established by IC 4-13-1-2. See Indiana Code 4-13-1.6-2
  • department: refers to the Indiana department of administration created by IC 4-13-1-2. See Indiana Code 4-13-1.7-2
  • Guardian: A person legally empowered and charged with the duty of taking care of and managing the property of another person who because of age, intellect, or health, is incapable of managing his (her) own affairs.
  • major equipment item: refers to any item that a school corporation considers:

    Indiana Code 4-13-1.6-3

  • Month: means a calendar month, unless otherwise expressed. See Indiana Code 1-1-4-5
  • price contract: refers to a contract entered into by the department under section 11 of this chapter. See Indiana Code 4-13-1.6-4
  • school corporation: has the meaning set forth in IC 20-18-2-16. See Indiana Code 4-13-1.6-5
  • work based learning course: means a program, delivered in an employment relationship, that provides a worker with paid or meaningful work experience and corresponding classroom instruction. See Indiana Code 20-43-8-0.7