§ 164.011 Annual estimate of required funds, tax rates required, criteria for ..
§ 164.013 Schools, certain districts, operating levy adjustment required when, effect ..
§ 164.021 Excess levy, procedure
§ 164.031 Form of ballot
§ 164.041 County clerk to assess the rate returned and extend taxes on tax books
§ 164.051 Outstanding obligations of lapsed or dissolved districts, procedure to pay ..
§ 164.071 Levy and collection of taxes in metropolitan districts
§ 164.081 Levy of library building tax — vote required — rate and period of levy.
§ 164.091 Notice of election
§ 164.101 Form of ballot
§ 164.111 Levy and collection of tax — library building fund.
§ 164.121 Purposes for which bonds may be issued in districts other than metropolitan ..
§ 164.131 Purposes for which bonds may be issued in urban districts — notice to …
§ 164.141 Purposes for which bonds may be issued in metropolitan districts — notice …
§ 164.151 Form of ballot in all districts — percentage required for approval.
§ 164.161 Restrictions on loans
§ 164.181 Duties of treasurer of seven-director districts — liability.
§ 164.191 Issuance by any district of funding and refunding bonds — record.
§ 164.201 Exchange and sale of refunding bonds — restrictions.
§ 164.221 Redeemed bonds of school districts to be destroyed — record — witnesses.
§ 164.231 Issuance of revenue bonds to pay for dormitory, athletic stadiums by ..
§ 164.241 Approval by two-thirds of directors required for issuance of bonds
§ 164.251 Bonds not to constitute an indebtedness
§ 164.261 Bonds, denomination, interest rate, contents — negotiable — income exempt …
§ 164.271 Board may prescribe form and detail of bonds — may be compelled to perform …
§ 164.281 Operating expense may include cost of athletic equipment and uniforms
§ 164.291 Records of bonds, payment and revenues to be kept — disposition of surplus …
§ 164.301 Refunding of bonds
§ 164.303 School district bond fund established, purpose to fund health and ..

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