§ 165.011 Tuition — accounting of school moneys, funds — uses — transfers to and from …
§ 165.012 School district financial reporting requirements to the department — …
§ 165.021 Disbursal of school moneys — checks, form of — checks not to issue in …
§ 165.031 Lost or destroyed check, duplicate to issue, when
§ 165.051 Investment of surplus funds
§ 165.061 Treasurer, duties of
§ 165.071 County collector-treasurer to pay over school district moneys monthly ..
§ 165.081 County treasurer to pay over state and county school moneys to district ..
§ 165.091 School money, how disbursed
§ 165.101 Settlements of treasurer of seven-director districts, when due
§ 165.111 Financial report published annually, when — state aid not to be paid until …
§ 165.121 Biennial audit of records — state aid withheld, when — publication of …
§ 165.122 Audits of enrollment and attendance records of school districts, performed ..
§ 165.131 Tax and revenue anticipation notes — form.
§ 165.141 Execution and certification of notes — registration by county treasurer — …
§ 165.161 Disbursements in metropolitan districts, how made
§ 165.171 Audits, how provided — removal of appointed auditor.
§ 165.181 Examination of officers’ accounts and vouchers in metropolitan districts — …
§ 165.201 Selection of depositaries in seven-director districts without advertising ..
§ 165.211 Depositaries, how selected, when — bids received when — notice to be published.
§ 165.221 Bids, how made — to be accompanied by check — penalty for secretary …
§ 165.231 Opening of bids — interest on deposits.
§ 165.241 Deposits, how secured — renewal of deposit agreement.
§ 165.251 Additional security may be required
§ 165.261 Failure to select depositary
§ 165.271 Transfer of funds to depositaries — payment of bonds — effect of failure of …
§ 165.281 Penalty for failure to pay valid check of seven-director district
§ 165.291 Liability of district treasurer
§ 165.301 Selection of depositaries in metropolitan districts

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