1. Two or more public school districts may jointly employ and share the services of any school personnel, or acquire and share the use of classrooms, laboratories, equipment and facilities. Classes made available to students in the manner provided in this section shall be considered as complying with the requirements of section 275.1 relating to the maintenance of kindergarten and twelve grades by a school district. If students attend classes in another school district under this section under an agreement that provides for whole grade sharing, the boards of directors of districts entering into these agreements shall provide for sharing the costs and expenses as provided in sections 282.10 through 282.12. If a district that has entered into a whole grade sharing agreement determines that a need exists to hire additional employees because of the whole grade sharing agreement, the district shall determine the nature and number of the necessary new positions. The district terminating employees as a result of a whole grade sharing agreement shall notify any other district, which is a party to the agreement, of the names and addresses of those terminated. Individuals who were employed by a district that entered into a whole grade sharing agreement and who were terminated as a result of the agreement shall be notified that the new positions exist and that they may apply for the new positions. The board shall offer the new position to an applicant from among those who were terminated as a result of the agreement if the applicant is licensed for the new position or, in the case of unlicensed personnel, is otherwise qualified. If two or more individuals from among those terminated as a result of the agreement apply for a single position, the applicant who is best qualified in the opinion of the board shall be offered the new position. However, the board is not required to offer a new position to applicants who were among those who were terminated as a result of the agreement beyond two school years. An employee who accrued benefits before a whole grade sharing agreement resulted in the employee’s termination shall not, as a result of reemployment under this section, forfeit accrued vacation, accrued sick leave, longevity, completion of probationary status as defined by section 279.19, or salary or placement on a salary schedule based upon the employee’s years of experience.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 280.15

  • Public school: means any school directly supported in whole or in part by taxation. See Iowa Code 280.2
 2. a. When a special education personnel pooling agreement, which has been entered into between an area education agency and a public school district pursuant to section 273.5, is terminated, the public school district shall assume the contractual obligations for any teachers assigned to the district under the agreement. Teachers, for whom the contractual obligations are assumed by a district, shall be given credit for completion of any probationary status under section 279.19, be placed on the salary schedule and retain all leaves, benefits, and seniority rights accumulated as if the teacher had been originally employed under the agreement which exists between the public school district and the district’s collective bargaining unit, consistent with the teacher’s education and experience.

 b. A teacher who is employed under a pooling agreement and assigned to special education facilities that are separate from and not part of local school district facilities shall, if the teacher’s employment terminates upon termination of the pooling agreement, be offered any teaching position that is similar to the position previously held by the teacher under the pooling agreement, which is vacant in any of the local school districts which participated in the pooling agreement, provided that the teacher possesses the appropriate license for the position. Teachers employed by a local school district under this paragraph shall have the same rights, privileges, and protection as teachers whose contractual obligations are assumed by a district to which the teacher previously had been assigned under a special education personnel pooling agreement.