§ 714.1 Theft defined
§ 714.2 Degrees of theft
§ 714.3 Value
§ 714.3A Aggravated theft
§ 714.4 Claim of right
§ 714.5 Library materials and equipment — unpurchased merchandise — evidence of intention.
§ 714.6 Land
§ 714.6A Video or equipment rental property theft — evidence of intention — affirmative defense.
§ 714.7 Operating vehicle without owner’s consent.
§ 714.7B Theft detection devices — shield or removal prohibited.
§ 714.7C Theft of pseudoephedrine — enhancement.
§ 714.7D Retail motor fuel
§ 714.8 Fraudulent practices defined
§ 714.9 Fraudulent practice in the first degree
§ 714.10 Fraudulent practice in the second degree
§ 714.11 Fraudulent practice in the third degree
§ 714.12 Fraudulent practice in the fourth degree
§ 714.13 Fraudulent practice in the fifth degree
§ 714.14 Value for purposes of fraudulent practices
§ 714.15 Reproduction of sound recordings
§ 714.16 Consumer frauds
§ 714.16A Additional civil penalty for consumer frauds committed against elderly — fund established.
§ 714.16B Identity theft — civil cause of action.
§ 714.16C Consumer education and litigation fund
§ 714.17 Unlawful advertising and selling of educational courses
§ 714.18 Evidence of financial responsibility
§ 714.19 Nonapplicability
§ 714.20 One contract per person
§ 714.21 Penalty
§ 714.21A Civil enforcement
§ 714.23 Refund policies — penalty.
§ 714.24 Additional requirements
§ 714.25 Disclosure
§ 714.26 Intellectual property counterfeiting
§ 714.27 Scrap metal transactions and reporting — penalties.
§ 714.28 Claims against purchased or pledged goods held by pawnbrokers

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