§ 8-1901 Criminal penalties for violation of size and weight laws; exceptions
§ 8-1902 Width of vehicles and loads thereon
§ 8-1903 Loads on passenger vehicles extending to either side
§ 8-1904 Height and length of vehicles and loads; exceptions to maximums
§ 8-1905 Projecting loads to the front and rear
§ 8-1906 Securing loads on vehicles; requirements for hauling livestock
§ 8-1907 Towing vehicles; connection and safety equipment; exceptions
§ 8-1908 Gross weight limits on wheels and axles
§ 8-1909 Gross weight limits for vehicles; exceptions; safety of certain vehicles for operation
§ 8-1909a Vehicle operation on national system of interstate and defense highways; exceptions
§ 8-1910 Enforcement of vehicle weight laws; officers may weigh vehicles; portable scales; required drive to stationary scales; off-loading or load redistribution required, when
§ 8-1911 Permits for oversize or overweight vehicles; fees
§ 8-1912 When secretary of transportation or local authorities may restrict use of highways
§ 8-1913 Liability for damage to highway or structure
§ 8-1914 Issuance of special permits for operation of vehicles from Kansas turnpike authority toll booths and motor-freight truck terminals
§ 8-1915 Issuance of special vehicle combination permits; conditions; penalties; rules and regulations
§ 8-1916 Cotton modules; allowable movement
§ 8-1917 Idle reduction technology; maximum weight limit exception
§ 8-1918 Implement dealers; permits; allowable movement