§ 1 Meeting vehicles
§ 2 Passing vehicle traveling in same direction
§ 3 Sleigh or sled; bells
§ 4 Keeping to right while view obstructed
§ 4A Driving vehicles in a single lane; motorcycles, riding and passing
§ 4B Driving in lane nearest right side of way
§ 4C Heavy trucks; driving in right-hand lane on multi-lane highways
§ 4D Standing or parking of motor vehicle in a designated bike lane
§ 5 Penalty; exceptions
§ 6 Applicability of rules of road to street railway cars
§ 6A Stopping of street railway cars for passage of fire apparatus
§ 7 Right of way of fire engines, patrol vehicles and ambulances; obstruction; penalties
§ 7A Restrictions on use of ways upon approach of emergency vehicles
§ 7B Operation of emergency vehicles
§ 7C Lane change upon approaching a stationary emergency response vehicle, highway maintenance vehicle or recovery vehicle; penalty
§ 8 Right-of-way at intersecting ways; turning on red signals
§ 9 Designation of highways as through ways; traffic control signs and devices
§ 10 Violation of one-way traffic; civil liability
§ 11 Marked crosswalks; yielding right of way to pedestrians; penalty
§ 12 Surcharge on fines for motor vehicle violation