1.  By July 1, 2011, each school district shall adopt a policy on allergy prevention and response, with priority given to addressing potentially deadly food-borne allergies.  Such policy shall contain, but shall not be limited to, the following elements:

 (1)  Distinguishing between building-wide, classroom, and individual approaches to allergy prevention and management;

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 (2)  Providing an age-appropriate response to building-level and classroom-level allergy education and prevention;

 (3)  Describing the role of both certificated and noncertificated school staff in determining how to manage an allergy problem, whether it is through a plan prepared for a student under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for a student with an allergy that has been determined to be a disability, an individualized health plan for a student who has allergies that are not disabling, or other allergy management plans;

 (4)  Describing the role of other students and parents in cooperating to prevent and mitigate allergies;

 (5)  Addressing confidentiality issues involved with sharing medical information, including specifying when parental permission is required to make medical information available; and

 (6)  Coordinating with the school health advisory council, local health authorities, and other appropriate entities to ensure efficient promulgation of accurate information and to ensure that existing school safety and environmental policies do not conflict.  



Such policies may contain information from or links to school allergy prevention information furnished by the food allergy and anaphylaxis network or equivalent organization with a medical advisory board that has allergy specialists.

 2.  The department of elementary and secondary education shall, in cooperation with any appropriate professional association, develop a model policy or policies by July 1, 2010.