1.  Within the amounts appropriated therefor, the state board of education shall award funds for the purpose of providing support services to pupils enrolled in public and nonpublic schools who are identified as having a high risk of dropping out of school.  Such awards shall be made on a competitive basis to public institutions of higher education or consortia of public institutions in cooperation with school districts and not-for-profit community-based organizations.  In areas of the state where public institutions of higher education are unable to provide appropriate services to high school pupils, the state board may award funds to not-for-profit community-based organizations in cooperation with school districts.

 2.  All applications for funds shall include the following program elements:

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 (1)  A program for identifying pupils who are at risk of dropping out of school as measured by academic performance, attendance, discipline problems, and other factors affecting school performance including, but not limited to, teenage pregnancy or parenting, residence in a homeless shelter or other temporary living arrangement, substance abuse, child abuse or neglect, or limited English proficiency;

 (2)  A program for encouraging the use of volunteers and promoting parent involvement as counselors in programs;

 (3)  A program to provide for continuity of services throughout a pupil’s progression through secondary school.

 3.  In awarding such funds, the state board shall give priority to applications that:

 (1)  Provide services to pupils identified according to criteria established by the state board of education as in need of assistance;

 (2)  Replicate model programs of proven effectiveness which the state board of education has identified and has made available to applicants;

 (3)  Demonstrate a high level of institutional commitment to programs in fields of counseling, including education, social work, psychology and sociology, and the extent to which such institutions shall involve faculty members and graduate or professional students from such degree programs;

 (4)  Demonstrate a high level of commitment to provide services and ensure continuity of services until such pupils graduate from high school or receive a high school equivalency diploma.

 4.  In awarding funds the state board of education may consider any matching funds that the public institutions of higher education, the not-for-profit community-based organizations, and the school districts may contribute, which may include gifts or bequests from private sources, federal financial aid, or local revenues generated for this purpose.

 5.  Services for nonpublic school pupils shall be provided at sites other than sectarian nonpublic schools.

 6.  Funds available under this section shall be used for compensatory and support services to pupils who are identified by the schools as being at risk of dropping out of school.  Such services to be provided under this section may include skills assessment, tutoring, academic and personal counseling, family counseling and home visits, and staff development activities for personnel with direct responsibility for such pupils.

 7.  Allowable costs under this program may include, but need not be limited to, salaries of personnel including graduate student stipends, transportation costs for pupils and program personnel, instructional materials, reimbursement to school districts for release time granted to employees while participating in the planning and development activities funded pursuant to this section, training of program personnel, and costs related directly to administration of the program.

 8.  The state board of education shall promulgate all rules and regulations for the implementation of this section.