1.  Each school board may authorize a school nurse licensed under chapter 335 who is employed by the school district and for whom the board is responsible to maintain a supply of asthma-related rescue medications at the school.  The nurse shall recommend to the school board the quantity of medication the school should maintain.

 2.  To obtain asthma rescue medications for a school district, a prescription written by a licensed physician, a physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner is required.  For such prescriptions, the school district shall be designated as the patient, the nurse’s name shall be required, and the prescription shall be filled at a licensed pharmacy.

 3.  A school nurse or other school employee trained by and supervised by the nurse shall have the discretion to use asthma-related rescue medications on any student the school nurse or trained employee believes is having a life-threatening asthma episode based on the training in recognizing an acute asthma episode.  The provisions of section 167.624 concerning immunity from civil liability for trained employees administering lifesaving methods shall apply to trained employees administering an asthma-related rescue medication under this section.