§ 316.010 County commissions may tax public shows, how
§ 316.020 Order levying tax as execution — sheriff to collect
§ 316.030 Proceeds to go into school fund
§ 316.040 License for shows required, tax imposed
§ 316.045 Penalty for delinquent payment of license tax
§ 316.050 Penalty
§ 316.060 Places of public amusement — construction — exit defined
§ 316.070 Exempted structures
§ 316.080 Building requirements
§ 316.090 Licenses not granted, when
§ 316.100 Penalty for violations
§ 316.150 Definitions
§ 316.155 Festival license required — exception
§ 316.160 Application for license — fee — contents of application
§ 316.165 Public hearing on application, when held
§ 316.170 License to issue, when
§ 316.175 Grounds for denial of license
§ 316.180 Penalty for violation
§ 316.185 Reasonable conditions authorized — notice of conditions, mailed when
§ 316.200 Rules, effective when
§ 316.203 Definitions
§ 316.204 Amusement ride safety board established — members — meetings, when
§ 316.205 Amusement ride safety board — powers and duties — rulemaking
§ 316.206 Rulemaking authority
§ 316.209 Operation of ride to cease, when — notification of serious incident to fire ..
§ 316.210 Amusement ride operation, qualifications — inspection, insurance, bond, permit
§ 316.212 Maintenance, inspection and accident records to be retained
§ 316.213 Portable amusement rides, itinerary to be filed, contents
§ 316.215 Director may enjoin operation of ride
§ 316.218 Penalty
§ 316.221 Exemptions
§ 316.224 Political subdivisions may license and regulate
§ 316.227 Liability of owner and state
§ 316.230 Passenger to obey rules — prohibited acts — penalty
§ 316.233 Passenger may not ride, when
§ 316.237 Rules, effective, when — invalid and void, when
§ 316.238 Rock climbing walls, subject to amusement ride regulations, when
§ 316.250 Ethan’s Law — maintenance of adequate insurance required, when — ..
§ 316.265 Hairstyling, employees engaged in at public venues not subject to Chapter ..

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