3.If the operator cannot repair the inoperable vehicle to the satisfaction of the motorist he shall, with the motorist’s consent, subject to the provisions of P.L.2007, c.193 (C.56:13-7 et al.), transport the vehicle to the operator’s place of business or to another mutually agreed upon location. The vehicle, once repaired, may be retained in the possession of the operator or other repairer, as the case may be, pending payment, pursuant to N.J.S.2A:44-20 et seq. The operator, if other than the repairer, shall be eligible for reimbursement for transporting the vehicle to the repair site. If the estimated cost of repairs exceeds $50, the motorist shall be given a written estimate of the repair costs.

L.2002, c.67, s.3; amended 2007, c.193, s.20.