4. a.For services rendered, or to redeem a motor vehicle from storage, the operator shall accept in payment either cash, a check issued by an insurance company, a valid debit card, or a valid major credit card or charge card subject to the provisions of subsection b. of this section.

b.The operator may request additional identification, as determined by the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs, before proceeding with repairs or towing. Unless the motorist is unable to produce such identification, or the operator has a bona fide reason to believe the card or other identification is fictitious, altered, stolen, expired or revoked or not valid for any other cause or is clearly offered with intent to defraud the issuer, the debit card, charge card or credit card shall be deemed an acceptable form of payment in lieu of cash if the operator ordinarily accepts the card at his place of business. Nothing in this act shall preclude payment by a motorist in the form of check or money order, if this form of payment is acceptable to the operator.

L.2002, c.67, s.4; amended 2007, c.193, s.21.