§ 710 Definitions
§ 711 Transfer of Credit Balances Prohibited
§ 712 Mailing of Statements of Credit Account Balances
§ 713 Required Notice in Credit Account Statements; Refund of Balances
§ 714 Automatic Refund of Credit Balances
§ 715 Disposition of Unclaimed Credit Balances
§ 716 Violations and Penalties

Terms Used In New York Laws > General Business > Article 34-A

  • Chairman: means the chairman of the dormitory authority. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1695
  • Consumer: means a natural person. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1971
  • Consumer credit: means credit extended to a consumer on an account pursuant to a plan under which the creditor may permit the customer to make purchases or obtain loans, from time to time, directly from the creditor or indirectly by use of a credit card, check, or other device, as the plan may provide. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1971
  • Credit balance: means any money or credit owed to, or held for the benefit of, a consumer by a creditor on a consumer credit account, whether resulting from an overpayment or return of merchandise by the consumer, or otherwise. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1971
  • Creditor: means a person, partnership, corporation, association or other entity who, in the ordinary course of business, regularly extends consumer credit. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1971