§ 2800 Declaration of Policy and Statement of Purpose
§ 2801 Definitions
§ 2801-A Establishment or Incorporation of Hospitals
§ 2801-B Improper Practices in Hospital Staff Appointments and Extension of Professional Privileges Prohibited
§ 2801-C Injunctions
§ 2801-D Private Actions by Patients of Residential Health Care Facilities
§ 2801-E Voluntary Residential Health Care Facility Rightsizing Demonstration Program
§ 2801-F Residential Health Care Facility Quality Incentive Payment Program
§ 2801-G Community Forum On Hospital Closure
§ 2802 Approval of Construction
§ 2802-A Transitional Care Unit Demonstration Program
§ 2803 Commissioner and Council; Powers and Duties
§ 2803-A Authority to Contract
§ 2803-B Uniform Reports and Accounting Systems for Hospital Costs
§ 2803-C Rights of Patients in Certain Medical Facilities
§ 2803-D Reporting Abuses of Persons Receiving Care or Services in Residential Health Care Facilities
§ 2803-E Residential Health Care Facilities; Return and Redistribution of Unused Medication
§ 2803-E*2 Reporting Incidents of Possible Professional Misconduct
§ 2803-F Respite Projects
§ 2803-G Board of Visitors in County Owned Residential Health Care Facility
§ 2803-H Health Related Facility; Pet Therapy Programs
§ 2803-I General Hospital Inpatient Discharge Review Program
§ 2803-J Information for Maternity Patients
§ 2803-J*2 Nursing Home Nurse Aide Registry
§ 2803-K In-Patient Nasogastric Feeding Procedures
§ 2803-L Community Service Plans
§ 2803-M Discharge of Hospital Patients to Adult Homes
§ 2803-N Hospital Care for Maternity Patients
§ 2803-O Hospital Care for Mastectomy, Lumpectomy, and Lymph Node Dissection Patients
§ 2803-P Disclosure of Information Concerning Family Violence
§ 2803-Q Family Councils in Residential Health Care Facilities
§ 2803-R Dissemination of Information About the Abandoned Infant Protection Act
§ 2803-S Access to Product Recall Information
§ 2803-T Preadmission Information
§ 2803-U Hospital Substance Use Disorder Policies and Procedures
§ 2804 Units for Hospital and Health-Related Affairs
§ 2804-A State Task Force On Clinical Practice Guidelines and Medical Technology Assessment
§ 2805 Approval of Hospitals; Operating Certificates
§ 2805-A Disclosure of Financial Transactions
§ 2805-B Admission of Patients and Emergency Treatment of Nonadmitted Patients
§ 2805-C (Enacted Without Section Heading)
§ 2805-D Limitation of Medical, Dental or Podiatric Malpractice Action Based On Lack of Informed Consent
§ 2805-E Reports of Residential Health Care Facilities
§ 2805-F Money Deposited or Advanced for Admittance to Nursing Homes; Waiver Void; Administration Expenses
§ 2805-G Maintenance of Records
§ 2805-H Immunizations
§ 2805-I Treatment of Sexual Offense Victims and Maintenance of Evidence in a Sexual Offense
§ 2805-J Medical, Dental and Podiatric Malpractice Prevention Program
§ 2805-K Investigations Prior to Granting or Renewing Privileges
§ 2805-L Adverse Event Reporting
§ 2805-M Confidentiality
§ 2805-N Child Abuse Prevention
§ 2805-O Identification of Veterans and Their Spouses by Nursing Homes and Residential Health Care Facilities
§ 2805-P Emergency Treatment of Rape Survivors
§ 2805-Q Hospital Visitation by Domestic Partner
§ 2805-R Patients Unable to Verbally Communicate
§ 2805-S Circulating Nurse Required
§ 2805-T Disclosure of Nursing Quality Indicators
§ 2805-U Credentialing and Privileging of Health Care Practioners Providing Telemedicine Services
§ 2805-V Observation Services
§ 2805-W Patient Notice of Observation Services
§ 2805-X Hospital-Home Care-Physician Collaboration Program
§ 2805-Y Indentification and Assessment of Human Trafficking Victims
§ 2806 Hospital Operating Certificates; Suspension or Revocation
§ 2806-A Temporary Operator
§ 2806-B Residential Health Care Facilities; Revocation of Operating Certificate
§ 2807 Hospital Reimbursement Provisions; Generally
§ 2807-A General Hospital Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Six and Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Seven Inpatient Rates and Charges
§ 2807-B Outstanding Payments and Reports Due Under Subdivision Eighteen of Section Twenty-Eight Hundred Seven-C, Sections Twenty-Eight Hundred Seven-D,twenty
§ 2807-C General Hospital Inpatient Reimbursement for Annual Rate Periods Beginning On or After January First, Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Eight
§ 2807-D Hospital Assessments
§ 2807-DD Temporary Nursing Home Stability Contributions
§ 2807-D-1 Hospital Quality Contributions
§ 2807-E Uniform Bills
§ 2807-F Health Maintenance Organization Payment Factor
§ 2807-G Health Workforce Retraining Program
§ 2807-H Health Occupation Development and Workplace Demonstration Programs
§ 2807-I Service and Quality Improvement Grants
§ 2807-J Patient Services Payments
§ 2807-K General Hospital Indigent Care Pool
§ 2807-L Health Care Initiatives Pool Distributions
§ 2807-M Distribution of the Professional Education Pools
§ 2807-N Palliative Care Education and Training
§ 2807-P Comprehensive Diagnostic and Treatment Centers Indigent Care Program
§ 2807-R Funding for Expansion of Cancer Services
§ 2807-S Professional Education Pool Funding
§ 2807-T Assessments On Covered Lives
§ 2807-U Transfers for Tax Credits
§ 2807-V Tobacco Control and Insurance Initiatives Pool Distributions
§ 2807-W High Need Indigent Care Adjustment Pool
§ 2807-X Grants for Long Term Care Demonstration Projects
§ 2807-Y Pool Administration
§ 2807-Z Review of Eligible Federally Qualified Health Center Capital Projects
§ 2808 Residential Health Care Facilities; Rates of Payment
§ 2808-A Liability of Certain Persons
§ 2808-B Certification of Financial Statements and Financial Information
§ 2808-C Reimbursement of General Hospital Inpatient Services
§ 2808-D Nursing Home Quality Improvement Demonstration Program
§ 2809 Residential Health Care Facilities; Powers to Require Security
§ 2810 Residential Health Care Facilities; Receivership
§ 2811 Discounts and Splitting Fees With Medical Referral Services; Prohibited
§ 2812 Construction
§ 2813 Separability
§ 2814 Health Networks, Global Budgeting, and Health Care Demonstrations
§ 2815 Health Facility Restructuring Program
§ 2815-A Community Health Care Revolving Capital Fund
§ 2816 Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System
§ 2816-A Cardiac Services Information
§ 2817 Community Health Centers Capital Program
§ 2818 Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law of New Yorkers (Heal Ny) Capital Grant Program
§ 2819 Hospital Acquired Infection Reporting
§ 2820 Home Based Primary Care for the Elderly Demonstration Project
§ 2821 State Electronic Health Records (Ehr) Loan Program
§ 2822 Residential Care Off-Site Facility Demonstration Project
§ 2823 Supportive Housing Development Program
§ 2824 Central Service Technicians
§ 2824*2 Surgical Technology and Surgical Technologists
§ 2825 Capital Restructuring Financing Program
§ 2825-A Health Care Facility Transformation: Kings County Project
§ 2825-B Oneida County Health Care Facility Transformation Program:oneida County Project
§ 2825-C Essential Health Care Provider Support Program
§ 2825-D Health Care Facility Tranformation Program: Statewide
§ 2825-E Health Care Facility Tranformation Program: Statewide Ii
§ 2826 Temporary Adjustment to Reimbursement Rates

Terms Used In New York Laws > Public Health > Article 28

  • Caretaker: means a person appointed pursuant to the provisions of section twenty-eight hundred six-b of this article, to act as a fiduciary responsible to the court which appoints him for the conserving and preserving of the rights and property of the operator of a residential health care facility, while also preserving and providing for the rights of the patients in such facility to care appropriate to their needs in a clean and wholesome environment in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5
  • Construction: means the erection, building, or substantial acquisition, alteration, reconstruction, improvement, extension or modification of a hospital, including its equipment; the inspection and supervision thereof; and the studies, surveys, designs, plans, working drawings, specifications, procedures and other actions necessary thereto. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5
  • General hospital: means a hospital engaged in providing medical or medical and surgical services primarily to in-patients by or under the supervision of a physician on a twenty-four hour basis with provisions for admission or treatment of persons in need of emergency care and with an organized medical staff and nursing service, including facilities providing services relating to particular diseases, injuries, conditions or deformities. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5
  • Government agency: means a department, board, bureau, division, office, agency, public benefit or other corporation, or any other unit, however described, of the state or a political subdivision thereof. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5
  • Health-related service: means service in a facility or facilities which provide or offer lodging, board and physical care including, but not limited to, the recording of health information, dietary supervision and supervised hygienic services incident to such service. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5
  • Hospital: means a facility or institution engaged principally in providing services by or under the supervision of a physician or, in the case of a dental clinic or dental dispensary, of a dentist, or, in the case of a midwifery birth center, of a midwife, for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition, including, but not limited to, a general hospital, public health center, diagnostic center, treatment center, dental clinic, dental dispensary, rehabilitation center other than a facility used solely for vocational rehabilitation, nursing home, tuberculosis hospital, chronic disease hospital, maternity hospital, midwifery birth center, lying-in-asylum, out-patient department, out-patient lodge, dispensary and a laboratory or central service facility serving one or more such institutions, but the term hospital shall not include an institution, sanitarium or other facility engaged principally in providing services for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of mental disability and which is subject to the powers of visitation, examination, inspection and investigation of the department of mental hygiene except for those distinct parts of such a facility which provide hospital service. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5
  • Hospital service: means the preadmission, out-patient, in-patient and post discharge care provided in or by a hospital, and such other items or services as are necessary for such care, which are provided by or under the supervision of a physician for the purpose of prevention, diagnosis or treatment of human disease, pain, injury, disability, deformity or physical condition, including, but not limited to, nursing service, home-care nursing and other paramedical service, ambulance service, service provided by an intern or resident in training, laboratory service, medical social service, drugs, biologicals, supplies, appliances, equipment, bed and board. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5
  • Nursing home: means a facility providing therein nursing care to sick, invalid, infirm, disabled or convalescent persons in addition to lodging and board or health-related service, or any combination of the foregoing, and in addition thereto, providing nursing care and health-related service, or either of them, to persons who are not occupants of the facility. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5
  • Residential health care facility: means a nursing home or a facility providing health-related service. See N.Y. New York City Administrative Code 3-710.5