Article 1 Short Title and Definitions: General Provisions
Article 2 The Department of Health
Article 2-A Prescription Drugs
Article 2-B Drug Take Back
Article 3 Local Health Organization
Article 4 Property and Hospitals In the Department of Health
Article 4-A Regulation of Body Piercing and Tattooing
Article 4-B Tongue-splitting
Article 5 Laboratories
Article 6 State Aid to Cities and Counties
Article 6-A Rape Crisis Intervention and Prevention Program
Article 7 Federal Grants-in-aid
Article 8 State Health Research Council
Article 9 Primary Care Education and Training
Article 9-A New York State Small Business Health Insurance Partnership Program
Article 9-B Primary Care Service Corps Practitioner Loan Repayment Program
Article 11 Public Water Supplies; Sewerage and Sewage Control
Article 13 Nuisances and Sanitation
Article 13-A State Camp Safety Advisory Council
Article 13-B Regulation of Overnight, Summer Day, and Traveling Summer Day Camps For Children
Article 13-D Regulation of Housing; Used As Accommodations By Employees of Certain Motels and Hotels
Article 13-E Regulation of Smoking and Vaping In Certain Public Areas
Article 13-F Regulation of Tobacco Products, Herbal Cigarettes and Smoking Paraphernalia; Distribution to Minors
Article 13-G Tobacco Escrow Funds
Article 13-H Regulation of Sharps
Article 14 Regulation of Camps For Children
Article 15 Insect Control
Article 16 Pesticide Control Board
Article 17 Ingredient Disclosures For Vapor Products and E-cigarettes
Article 20 Reporting of Alzheimer's Disease
Article 20-A Alzheimer's Community Assistance Program
Article 21 Control of Acute Communicable Diseases
Article 21-A Long-term Care Resident and Employee Immunization Act
Article 22 Control of Tuberculosis
Article 23 Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Article 24 Control of Malignant Diseases
Article 24-A Protection of Human Subjects
Article 24-B Information Program On Dioxin
Article 24-C Information Program On Low-level Radioactive Waste
Article 24-D New York State Occupational Health Clinics Oversight Committee
Article 24-E Information About Hysterectomy
Article 25 Maternal and Child Health
Article 25-A Reproductive Health Act
Article 25-B Gestational Surrogacy
Article 26 Helen Hayes Hospital
Article 26-A New York State Veterans' Home
Article 27 Bureau of Chronic Disease and Geriatrics
Article 27-A Osteoporosis Prevention and Education
Article 27-AA New York State Kidney Disease Institute
Article 27-B Treatment of Hypertension
Article 27-C Birth Defects Institute
Article 27-CC New York State Traumatic Brain Injury Program
Article 27-CCC Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma Research, Education and Treatment Program
Article 27-D New York State Burns Care Institute
Article 27-DD State Advisory Panel On Hiv/hbv Infected Health Care Workers
Article 27-E The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Institute
Article 27-F Hiv and Aids Related Information
Article 27-G Adult Cystic Fibrosis Assistance Program
Article 27-H* Diabetes Research and Education Program
Article 27-H The Tick-borne Disease Institute
Article 27-K New York Wellness Works
Article 28 Hospitals
Article 28-A Nursing Home Companies
Article 28-B Hospital Mortgage Loan Construction
Article 28-C Nurse Manpower Center
Article 28-D Practice of Nursing Home Administration
Article 28-E Review of Criminal History Information Concerning Prospective Employees of Nursing Homes and Home Care Services Agencies
Article 29 Hospital Survey, Planning and Review
Article 29-A Access to Community Health Care Services In Rural Areas
Article 29-AA Patient Centered Medical Homes
Article 29-B Orders Not to Resuscitate For Residents of Mental Hygiene Facilities
Article 29-C Health Care Agents and Proxies
Article 29-CC Family Health Care Decisions Act
Article 29-CCC Nonhospital Orders Not to Resuscitate
Article 29-CCCC Care Act (caregiver Advise, Record and Enable Act)
Article 29-D Health Information and Quality Improvement
Article 29-E Accountable Care Organizations
Article 29-EE Program of All-inclusive Care For the Elderly
Article 29-F Improved Integration of Health Care and Financing
Article 29-G Telehealth Delivery of Services
Article 29-I Medical Services For Foster Children
Article 29-J Medical Respite Program
Article 29-K Registration of Temporary Health Care Services Agencies and Health Care Technology Platforms
Article 30 Emergency Medical Services
Article 30-A Emergency Medical Services Personnel Training Act of Nineteen Hundred Eighty-six
Article 30-B Emergency Medical, Trauma and Disaster Care
Article 30-C Emergency Medical Services For Children
Article 31 Human Blood and Transfusion Services
Article 32 Live Pathogenic Microorganisms or Viruses
Article 32-A Recombinant Dna Experiments
Article 33 Controlled Substances
Article 33-A Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act
Article 33-B Regulation of Cannabinoid Hemp and Hemp Extract
Article 34 Funeral Directing
Article 35 Practice of Radiologic Technology
Article 35-A Ultraviolet Radiation Devices
Article 36 Home Care Services
Article 36-A Medical Equipment Service Agencies
Article 37 Physician Assistants
Article 37-A Specialist Assistants
Article 38 Veterans Health Manpower Center
Article 39 New York State Center For Agricultural Medicine and Health
Article 40 Hospice
Article 41 Vital Statistics
Article 42 Cadavers
Article 43 Anatomical Gifts
Article 43-A Anatomical Gift Duties of Hospitals and Procurement Organizations
Article 43-B Organ Procurement and Donor Support
Article 44 Health Maintenance Organizations
Article 45 Medical Referral Services
Article 45-A Disclosure of Material Transactions
Article 46 Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Article 46-A Fee-for-service Continuing Care Retirement Communities Demonstration Program
Article 46-B Assisted Living
Article 47 Shared Health Facilities
Article 48 Toxic Substances
Article 49 Utilization Review and External Appeal
Article 49-A Medical Debt Reporting
Article 50 Separability Clause; Saving Clause; Construction; Laws Repealed; Time of Taking Effect

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