§ 59-17-10 School districts as bodies politic and corporate
§ 59-17-20 Alteration or division of school districts
§ 59-17-30 Effect of alteration or division of school districts on bonds or payment for buildings of existing districts
§ 59-17-40 Alteration or division of school districts; consolidated district for entire county and district formed from two or more counties
§ 59-17-50 Consolidation of schools and school districts by county board of education
§ 59-17-60 Filing order of consolidation
§ 59-17-70 Effect of consolidation
§ 59-17-80 Dissolution of school districts in adjoining counties
§ 59-17-90 Purposes for which school districts may combine
§ 59-17-100 School districts to provide Department of Education with copies of audit reports
§ 59-17-110 Duty of school districts to defend actions or proceedings against their employees
§ 59-17-120 Reissue of school bonds subject to debt service budget and debt limit
§ 59-17-130 American Sign Language course; development of teacher qualifications and academic standards; satisfaction of foreign language credit requirement
§ 59-17-135 Character education
§ 59-17-140 Religion and public schools training for teachers and administrators
§ 59-17-150 Promotion of walking or bicycling to school safety
§ 59-17-155 Automated external defibrillator program; immunity from civil liability; state contract for purchase of defibrillators