1. A board of directors must consist of one (1) or more individuals, with the number specified in or fixed in accordance with the charter or bylaws.
  2. The charter or bylaws may provide that the board of directors has power to fix or change the number of directors, including an increase or decrease in the number of directors. Absent such a provision, only the shareholders may fix or change the number of directors, except as provided in subsection (c).
  3. Terms Used In Tennessee Code 48-18-103

    • board of directors: means the governing board of a corporation, whether denominated the board of directors or otherwise, except that no person or group of persons is the board of directors because of powers delegated to that person or group pursuant to §. See Tennessee Code 48-51-201
    • Bylaws: means the code or codes of rules (other than the charter) adopted pursuant to Chapters 51 68 of this title for the regulation or management of the affairs of the corporation irrespective of the name or names by which such rules are designated. See Tennessee Code 48-51-201
    • Charter: includes amended and restated charters and articles of merger. See Tennessee Code 48-11-201
    • Directors: means natural persons, designated in the charter or bylaws or elected or appointed by the incorporators, and their successors and natural persons elected or appointed to act as members of the board, irrespective of the names or titles by which such persons are described. See Tennessee Code 48-51-201
    • Year: means a calendar year, unless otherwise expressed. See Tennessee Code 1-3-105

  4. The charter or bylaws may establish a variable range for the size of the board of directors by fixing a minimum and maximum number of directors. If a variable range is established, the number of directors may be fixed or changed from time to time, within the minimum and maximum, by the shareholders or the board of directors; provided, that unless the charter or bylaws provide otherwise, only the shareholders may change the range for the size of the board or change from a fixed to a variable-range size board or vice versa.
  5. Directors are elected at the first annual shareholders’ meeting and at each annual meeting thereafter, unless their terms are staggered under § 48-18-106 or unless their terms are for more than one (1) year as provided by § 48-18-105.