A recipient of a grant under this chapter may use the grant only for the purchase of the following nutritious foods:
(1) fresh, frozen, or canned meats that are lean or low in fat content;
(2) dry or canned beans;
(3) nonfat or vegetarian items;
(4) low-fat nut and seed butters;
(5) dry-roasted or raw nuts and seeds;
(6) eggs;
(7) olive oil;
(8) canola oil;
(9) fresh, frozen, or canned fruits with no added sugar;
(10) fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables;
(11) juices that contain 100 percent fruit juice;
(12) foods that contain 100 percent whole grains;
(13) fresh, dry, canned, or ultra-high-temperature pasteurized milk that has a fat content of no greater than one percent;
(14) light yogurt; and
(15) low-fat cheese.