§ 24.001 Forcible Entry and Detainer
§ 24.002 Forcible Detainer
§ 24.003 Substitution of Parties
§ 24.004 Jurisdiction; Dismissal
§ 24.005 Notice to Vacate Prior to Filing Eviction Suit
§ 24.0051 Procedures Applicable in Suit to Evict and Recover Unpaid Rent
§ 24.00511 Appeal Bond for Certain Eviction Suits
§ 24.00512 Contest of Certain Appeal Bonds
§ 24.0052 Tenant Appeal On Pauper’S Affidavit
§ 24.00521 Contest of Certain Appeal Bonds in County Court
§ 24.0053 Payment of Rent During Appeal of Eviction
§ 24.0054 Tenant’S Failure to Pay Rent During Appeal
§ 24.006 Attorney’S Fees and Costs of Suit
§ 24.0061 Writ of Possession
§ 24.0062 Warehouseman’S Lien
§ 24.007 Appeal
§ 24.008 Effect On Other Actions
§ 24.011 Nonlawyer Representation

Terms Used In Texas Property Code Chapter 24

  • Claims: includes :
    (1) liabilities of a decedent that survive the decedent's death, including taxes, regardless of whether the liabilities arise in contract or tort or otherwise;
    (2) funeral expenses;
    (3) the expense of a tombstone;
    (4) expenses of administration;
    (5) estate and inheritance taxes; and
    (6) debts due such estates. See Texas Estates Code 113.153
  • Effects: includes all personal property and all interest in that property. See Texas Government Code 312.011
  • Estate: means a decedent's property, as that property:
    (1) exists originally and as the property changes in form by sale, reinvestment, or otherwise;
    (2) is augmented by any accretions and other additions to the property, including any property to be distributed to the decedent's representative by the trustee of a trust that terminates on the decedent's death, and substitutions for the property; and
    (3) is diminished by any decreases in or distributions from the property. See
  • Judge: means the presiding judge of any court having original jurisdiction over probate proceedings, regardless of whether the court is:
    (1) a county court in the exercise of its probate jurisdiction;
    (2) a court created by statute and authorized to exercise probate jurisdiction; or
    (3) a district court exercising probate jurisdiction in a contested matter. See Texas Estates Code 113.207
  • Month: means a calendar month. See Texas Government Code 312.011
  • person interested: means :
    (1) an heir, devisee, spouse, creditor, or any other having a property right in or claim against an estate being administered; and
    (2) anyone interested in the welfare of an incapacitated person, including a minor. See Texas Estates Code 113.206
  • Personal property: includes an interest in:
    (1) goods;
    (2) money;
    (3) a chose in action;
    (4) an evidence of debt; and
    (5) a real chattel. See Texas Estates Code 114.001
  • Real property: includes estates and interests in land, whether corporeal or incorporeal or legal or equitable. See Texas Estates Code 114.003
  • Rule: includes regulation. See Texas Government Code 311.005
  • sworn: includes affirm or affirmed. See Texas Government Code 312.011
  • Ward: means a person for whom a guardian has been appointed. See Texas Estates Code 114.006