As used in this part:

(1)  “Board” means the Driver License Medical Advisory Board created in Section 53-3-303.

Terms Used In Utah Code 53-3-302

(2)  “Health care professional” means a physician or surgeon licensed to practice medicine in the state, or when recommended by the Medical Advisory Board, may include other health care professionals licensed to conduct physical examinations in this state.


(a)  “Impaired person” means a person who has a mental, emotional, or nonstable physical disability or disease that may impair the person’s ability to exercise reasonable and ordinary control at all times over a motor vehicle while driving on the highways.

(b)  “Impaired person” does not include a person having a nonprogressive or stable physical impairment that is objectively observable and that may be evaluated by a functional driving examination.

Enacted by Chapter 234, 1993 General Session