Article 1 Words and Phrases Defined 17C-1-1 – 17C-1-69
Article 2 Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws 17C-2-1 – 17C-2-9
Article 3 Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings 17C-3-1 – 17C-3-10
Article 4 Accidents 17C-4-1 – 17C-4-17
Article 5 Serious Traffic Offenses 17C-5-1 – 17C-5-12
Article 5A Administrative Procedures for Suspension and Revocation of Licenses for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Controlled Substances or Drugs 17C-5A-1 – 17C-5A-4
Article 5B Postmortem Tests for Alcohol in Persons Killed in Motor Vehicle Accidents 17C-5B-1 – 17C-5B-2
Article 5C Office of Administrative Hearings 17C-5C-1a – 17C-5C-5
Article 5D Open Container Laws 17C-5D-1 – 17C-5D-4
Article 6 Speed Restrictions 17C-6-1 – 17C-6-11
Article 7 Driving On Right Side of Roadway, Overtaking and Passing, Etc 17C-7-1 – 17C-7-13
Article 8 Turning and Starting and Signals On Stopping and Turning 17C-8-1 – 17C-8-10
Article 9 Right-of-Way 17C-9-1 – 17C-9-6
Article 10 Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties 17C-10-1 – 17C-10-8
Article 10A Operation of Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices 17C-10A-1 – 17C-10A-2
Article 11 Operation of Bicycles and Play Vehicles 17C-11-1 – 17C-11-8
Article 11A Child Bicycle Safety Act 17C-11A-1 – 17C-11A-9
Article 12 Special Stops Required 17C-12-1 – 17C-12-9
Article 13 Stopping, Standing and Parking 17C-13-1 – 17C-13-8
Article 13A Diesel-Powered Motor Vehicle Idling Act 17C-13A-1 – 17C-13A-9
Article 14 Miscellaneous Rules 17C-14-2 – 17C-14-15
Article 15 Equipment 17C-15-1 – 17C-15-50
Article 16 Inspection of Vehicles 17C-16-1 – 17C-16-9
Article 17 Size, Weight and Load 17C-17-1 – 17C-17-14
Article 17A Regulation of the Commercial Transportation of Coal 17C-17A-1 – 17C-17A-16
Article 17B Transfer of Certain Jurisdiction and Employees to Public Service Commission 17C-17B-1 – 17C-17B-5
Article 18 Penalties 17C-18-1
Article 19 Parties, Procedure Upon Arrest and Reports in Criminal Cases 17C-19-1 – 17C-19-10
Article 20 West Virginia Turnpike Commission 17C-20-1
Article 21 Effect of Chapter 17C-21-1 – 17C-21-2
Article 22 Ridesharing 17C-22-1 – 17C-22-7
Article 23 Funeral Processions 17C-23-1 – 17C-23-5
Article 24 Autonomous Vehicles and Devices 17C-24-1 – 17C-24-2
Article 25 Aviation Related Offenses 17C-25-1 – 17C-25-9