(a) It is no defense to a prosecution for criminal solicitation, Section 13A-4-1, attempt, Section 13A-4-2, or criminal conspiracy, Section 13A-4-3, that the offense solicited, attempted or conspired was actually committed.

Terms Used In Alabama Code 13A-4-5

(b) A person may not be convicted on the basis of the same course of conduct of both the actual commission of an offense and:

(1) An attempt to commit the offense; or

(2) Criminal solicitation of the offense; or

(3) Criminal conspiracy of the offense.

(c) A person may not be convicted of more than one of the offenses defined in Sections 13A-4-1, 13A-4-2 and 13A-4-3 for a single course of conduct designed to commit or to cause the commission of the same crime.

(Acts 1977, No. 607, p. 812, §1020.)