Chapter 1 General Provisions 13A-1-1 – 13A-1-11
Chapter 2 Principles of Criminal Liability 13A-2-1 – 13A-2-26
Chapter 3 Defenses 13A-3-1 – 13A-3-31
Chapter 4 Inchoate Crimes 13A-4-1 – 13A-4-5
Chapter 5 Punishments and Sentences 13A-5-1 – 13A-5-59
Chapter 6 Offenses Involving Danger to the Person 13A-6-1 – 13A-6-263
Chapter 7 Offenses Involving Damage to and Intrusion Upon Property 13A-7-1 – 13A-7-80
Chapter 8 Offenses Involving Theft 13A-8-1 – 13A-8-233
Chapter 9 Forgery and Fraudulent Practices 13A-9-1 – 13A-9-150
Chapter 10 Offenses Against Public Administration 13A-10-1 – 13A-10-242
Chapter 11 Offenses Against Public Order and Safety 13A-11-1 – 13A-11-300
Chapter 12 Offenses Against Public Health and Morals 13A-12-3 – 13A-12-340
Chapter 13 Offenses Against the Family 13A-13-1 – 13A-13-8
Chapter 14 Miscellaneous Offenses 13A-14-1 – 13A-14-5

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