§ 12-541 Malicious prosecution; false imprisonment; libel or slander; seduction or breach of promise of marriage; breach of employment contract; wrongful termination; liability created by statute; one year limitation
§ 12-542 Injury to person; injury when death ensues; injury to property; conversion of property; forcible entry and forcible detainer; two year limitation
§ 12-543 Oral debt; stated or open account; relief on ground of fraud or mistake; three year limitation
§ 12-544 Bond to convey realty; partnership account; account between merchants; judgment or instrument given or made without the state; four year limitation
§ 12-545 Bond of personal representative or guardian; four year limitation
§ 12-546 Specific performance of contract to convey realty; four year limitation
§ 12-547 Failure to make return on execution; five year limitation
§ 12-548 Contract in writing for debt; six year limitation; choice of law
§ 12-549 Foreign judgment
§ 12-550 General limitation
§ 12-551 Product liability
§ 12-552 Actions involving development of real property design, engineering and construction of improvements
§ 12-553 Limited liability of equine owners and owners of equine facilities; exception; definitions
§ 12-554 Limited liability; baseball facilities; definitions
§ 12-555 Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage; claims; time limits
§ 12-556 Limited liability; closed-course motor sport facility owners, lessors and operators; definitions
§ 12-557 Possessors of land; limited liability for trespasser harm
§ 12-558 Liability release agreement; space flight activities; definitions
§ 12-558.01 Actions related to the lawful discharge of a firearm; burden of proof; attorney fees and costs