Chapter 1 Automobiles
Chapter 1A Automobile Dealers
Chapter 2 Boxing, Wrestling, and Martial Arts
Chapter 2.3 Online Child Care Job Posting Services
Chapter 2.5 Athlete Agents
Chapter 2.7 Community Youth Athletic Programs
Chapter 2.8 Businesses Providing Services to Minors
Chapter 2.9 Youth Service Organizations
Chapter 3 Home Furnishings
Chapter 3.1 Household Movers Act
Chapter 4 Horse Racing
Chapter 4.5 Mule Racing
Chapter 5 The Gambling Control Act
Chapter 5.5 Franchise Relations
Chapter 6 Paints
Chapter 6.5 Video Arcades
Chapter 6.7 Video Games
Chapter 7 Industrial Hygienist Definition and Registration Act
Chapter 7.5 Franchises
Chapter 7.8 Franchise Dealers Fair Practices
Chapter 7.9 Hours of Business
Chapter 8 Unfair Practices
Chapter 9 Secondhand Goods
Chapter 10 Self-Service Storage Facilities
Chapter 11 Copyrighted Performances of Musical Works
Chapter 11.5 Optical Disc Identification
Chapter 12 Precious Metal Marking
Chapter 13 Polyethylene Plastic Materials
Chapter 14 Tax Preparers
Chapter 15 Passage Tickets
Chapter 16 Process Servers
Chapter 17 Invention Development Services Contracts
Chapter 17.5 Appliance Labeling
Chapter 18 Identification Cards
Chapter 18.5 Simulated Checks
Chapter 19 Shopping and Laundry Carts
Chapter 19.5 Immigration Consultants
Chapter 20 Professional Photocopiers
Chapter 20.5 Magazine Distributors
Chapter 21 Ticket Sellers
Chapter 21.5 Money Exchange Houses
Chapter 22 Internet Privacy Requirements
Chapter 22.1 Privacy Rights for California Minors in the Digital World
Chapter 22.2 Student Online Personal Information Protection Act
Chapter 22.2.5 Early Learning Personal Information Protection Act
Chapter 22.2.7 Student Test Taker Privacy Protection Act
Chapter 22.2.9 Cyberbullying Protection Act
Chapter 22.3 Internet Private Residence Rental Listings
Chapter 22.4 Food Delivery Platforms
Chapter 22.5 Commercial Directories
Chapter 22.8 Content Moderation Requirements for Internet Terms of Service
Chapter 23 Tanning Facilities
Chapter 24 Bakery Trays, Bakery Baskets, and Merchandise Pallets
Chapter 24.5 Plastic Bulk Merchandise Containers
Chapter 26 Telephone Equipment
Chapter 27 Cable Television
Chapter 27.5 Commercial Mail Receiving Agency
Chapter 28 Fair Practices of Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, and Dealers Act
Chapter 28.5 Intermodal Marine Terminals
Chapter 29 Donated Property
Chapter 30 Billing Practices
Chapter 31 Electrically Conductive Balloons
Chapter 31.5 Drug Safety Policies on Social Media Platforms
Chapter 32 Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act
Chapter 33 Anti-Phishing Act of 2005
Chapter 34 Network Security
Chapter 35 Connected Televisions
Chapter 37 Gene Therapy Kits: Notice
Chapter 38 Persons Engaged in the Manufacture, Distribution, Importation, Transportation, Sale, Lease, or Transfer of Firearms and Precursor Parts
Chapter 39 Marketing Firearms to Minors