It is the intent of the Legislature that each school district’s school-based management proposal shall include the following:

(a) A plan for involving parents in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of school restructuring efforts.

(b) A plan for staff development that shall be made available to participating school personnel in order to assist in restructuring elements specified in the district proposal.

(c) A plan for regularly assessing the progress of participating schools in meeting the goals identified in their funding proposal. Assessment plans shall include provisions for the collection of information on various school-level indicators including pupil performance, detentions, pupil and teacher absenteeism, and staff turnover. Districts are encouraged, as well, to establish a process of onsite quality reviews with the objective of evaluating the quality of instruction, leadership, staff development, and the planning and decisionmaking processes at participating schools.

(Added by Stats. 1989, Ch. 1282, Sec. 1.)