Article 1 Administration 1440 – 1462
Article 2 Liability for Cost of Care 1473 – 1475
Article 4 Victims of Sexual Offenses 1491 – 1492
Article 5 Continuing Education 1496 – 1498

Terms Used In California Codes > Health and Safety Code > Division 2 > Chapter 2.5

  • board: means the board of supervisors of a county. See California Penal Code 3075
  • Continuing education program: means educational programs designed to increase the knowledge and skills of health workers. See California Penal Code 11062
  • criminal offender record information: means records and data compiled by criminal justice agencies for purposes of identifying criminal offenders and of maintaining as to each such offender a summary of arrests, pretrial proceedings, the nature and disposition of criminal charges, sentencing, incarceration, rehabilitation, and release. See California Penal Code 11075
  • department: means the State Department of Health Care Services and "director" means the Director of Health Care Services. See California Insurance Code 10235.50
  • Governing board: means the governing board of the school district which owns the schoolsite. See California Education Code 17487
  • nuisance: means the public nuisance which is specified in Section 12642. See California Health and Safety Code 11773.1
  • schoolsite: means a parcel of land, or two or more contiguous parcels, which is owned by a school district. See California Education Code 17487