Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 California Department of Aging
Chapter 3 California Commission on Aging
Chapter 3.5 Coordinated System of Care
Chapter 3.6 Office of the Long-Term Care Patient Representative
Chapter 4 California Senior Legislature
Chapter 4.5 Home Modifications for Seniors
Chapter 5 Area Agencies on Aging and Advisory Councils
Chapter 5.5 Aging Multidisciplinary Personnel Teams
Chapter 6 Home-Delivered Meals Act
Chapter 6.5 Senior Legal Services
Chapter 7 Community-Based Services Network
Chapter 7.5 Community-Based Services Programs
Chapter 8 Multipurpose Senior Services Program
Chapter 9 Senior Center Bond Act of 1984
Chapter 9.5 Multipurpose Senior Centers And Senior Centers Emergency Operations Plans
Chapter 10 Aging Information and Education
Chapter 10.5 Senior Wellness Program
Chapter 11 State Ombudsman
Chapter 12 Regulations
Chapter 13 No Wrong Door System
Chapter 14 Master Plan for Aging in California