§ 10-15 Towns to maintain schools
§ 10-15a Discontinuance of kindergarten programs restricted
§ 10-15b Access of parent or guardian to student’s records. Inspection and subpoena of school or student records
§ 10-15c Discrimination in public schools prohibited. School attendance by five-year-olds
§ 10-15d Applicability of education statutes to the Unified School Districts and the technical high schools
§ 10-15e Applicability of education statutes to incorporated or endowed high schools or academies
§ 10-15f Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
§ 10-15g Exemplary schools
§ 10-15h Pilot program to incorporate common core state standards
§ 10-16 Length of school year
§ 10-16a Silent meditation
§ 10-16b Prescribed courses of study
§ 10-16c State board to develop family life education curriculum guides
§ 10-16d Family life education programs not mandatory
§ 10-16e Students not required to participate in family life education programs
§ 10-16f Family life programs to supplement required curriculum
§ 10-16l Establishment of graduation date
§ 10-16m Extended-day kindergarten. Grants
§ 10-16n Head Start and Early Head Start grant program. Grant allocation. Advisory committee
§ 10-16o Development of network of school readiness programs
§ 10-16p Definitions. Lead agency for school readiness; standards. Grant programs; eligibility. Unexpended funds
§ 10-16q School readiness program requirements. Per child cost limitation. Sliding fee scale. Waiver from schedule requirements
§ 10-16r Local school readiness councils; duties. Regional school readiness councils
§ 10-16s Interagency agreement on school readiness. Assessment measures
§ 10-16t Participation by five-year-olds in school readiness programs
§ 10-16u Grants for school readiness programs in transitional school districts
§ 10-16v After school committee established. Appointment of members. Report and recommendations. Acceptance of funding. Report to General Assembly
§ 10-16w Early learning and development standards; technical assistance and training
§ 10-16x After school program grant
§ 10-16y Office of Early Childhood Planning, Outreach and Coordination. Duties
§ 10-16z Early Childhood Cabinet. Members. Duties
§ 10-16aa Competitive district grant account
§ 10-16mm Task force to address academic achievement gaps. Master plan. Progress reports
§ 10-16nn Interagency Council for Ending the Achievement Gap
§ 10-16oo Model curricula and frameworks in reading and mathematics for schools and districts identified as having academic achievement gaps
§ 10-16pp Plan to provide instruction in financial literacy. Funds for implementation. Report
§ 10-16qq Cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction
§ 10-16rr Preschool program accreditation
§ 10-17 English language to be medium of instruction. Exception
§ 10-17a Establishment of bilingual and bicultural program
§ 10-17d Application for and receipt of federal funds
§ 10-17e Definitions
§ 10-17f Duties of boards of education regarding bilingual education programs. Development of state English mastery standard. Regulations
§ 10-17g Grants for the provision of programs of bilingual education. Annual evaluation report
§ 10-17h Planning, development or operation of initially required bilingual program
§ 10-17i Encouragement of increased language instruction. Proficiency in language recognized on permanent record
§ 10-17j Request to commissioner to use certified English as a second language teacher in place of bilingual education teacher in cases of teacher shortage. Teacher exchange programs
§ 10-17k Standards re extension of bilingual education program for eligible student
§ 10-17l Department to provide information re research-based practices to involve parents in language acquisition process and native language accommodations for mastery examination
§ 10-17m Report re academic progress of bilingual education students and quality of bilingual education programs
§ 10-17n English language learner pilot program
§ 10-18 Courses in United States history, government and duties and responsibilities of citizenship
§ 10-18a Contents of textbooks and other general instructional materials
§ 10-18b Development of curriculum guides for firearm safety programs
§ 10-18c Firearm safety programs. Exemption from participation
§ 10-18d Animal dissection. Students to be excused from participation or observation
§ 10-19 Teaching about alcohol, nicotine or tobacco, drugs and acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Training of personnel
§ 10-19a Superintendent to designate substance abuse prevention team. Training of team members
§ 10-19b Advisory councils on drug abuse prevention
§ 10-19c Program for careers in information technology
§ 10-19d High school mathematics and science challenge pilot program
§ 10-19e “Future Scholars” pilot matching grant program
§ 10-19m Youth service bureaus. Annual report. Regulations
§ 10-19n State aid for establishment and expansion of youth service bureaus
§ 10-19o Youth service bureau grant program
§ 10-19p Assistance to youth service bureaus
§ 10-19q Enhancement grant program for youth service bureaus
§ 10-20 Comptroller may withhold school money
§ 10-20a Connecticut career certificate programs
§ 10-20b Connecticut career certificate. Compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Student and employer requirements. Compensation
§ 10-20c Issuance of Connecticut career certification. Credit for program
§ 10-20d Grants for support of Connecticut career certificate programs
§ 10-20e Awarding of grants
§ 10-20f Retention of appropriated funds, when
§ 10-21 Vocational guidance
§ 10-21a Accredited courses offered by employers
§ 10-21b Programs offered jointly by boards of education and business firms; neighborhood assistance
§ 10-21c Donation of teaching services by private sector specialists; neighborhood assistance
§ 10-21f Career ladder programs
§ 10-21g “Generation Next” pilot program
§ 10-21h Preliteracy course for bachelor’s degree program with concentration in early childhood education
§ 10-21i Red Ribbon PASS Program
§ 10-21j Committee to coordinate education re careers in manufacturing
§ 10-24a State grants for motor vehicle operation and highway safety course
§ 10-24b Fee when course offered outside regular school hours
§ 10-24c Grants for motor vehicle operation and highway safety courses in private secondary schools
§ 10-24e Regulations concerning content of safe driving course
§ 10-25 Secondary education for veterans
§ 10-25a Strategic master plan for public education in the state. Planning Commission for Education established. Duties. Goals. Benchmarks. Report
§ 10-26 Education grant to child of deceased or disabled veteran or missing in action member of armed forces
§ 10-27 International studies, exchange programs. Advisory committee
§ 10-27a International education programs, recognition of schools and partnership programs
§ 10-28a Advice and assistance to school library media centers
§ 10-28b School volunteers; information and assistance about; state-wide coordinator; state plan
§ 10-29 Library service center in Middlesex County
§ 10-29a Certain days, weeks and months to be proclaimed by Governor. Distribution and number of proclamations
§ 10-29b Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission
§ 10-29c Certain days, weeks and months to be designated for celebration of ethnic, cultural or heritage groups
§ 10-33 Tuition in towns in which no high school is maintained
§ 10-34 Approval by state board of incorporated or endowed high school or academy
§ 10-35 Notice of discontinuance of high school service to nonresidents. Cooperative arrangements and school building projects for school accommodations
§ 10-36 Agreements with Gilbert School and Woodstock Academy
§ 10-38a Maintenance of postsecondary schools
§ 10-38j Recommendations for expansion of higher educational opportunities
§ 10-39 Temporary regional school study committee
§ 10-40 Appointment of committee members
§ 10-41 Officers and records of committee
§ 10-42 Expenses of committee
§ 10-43 Reports to towns. Dissolution of committee
§ 10-44 Disposition of committee records
§ 10-45 Referendum on establishment of regional districts or addition or withdrawal of grades
§ 10-46 Regional board of education
§ 10-46a Transfer of responsibility to regional board
§ 10-47 Powers of regional board. Meetings
§ 10-47a Withdrawal of grades
§ 10-47b Addition or withdrawal of grades
§ 10-47c Amendment of plan
§ 10-49a Site in town outside district
§ 10-50 Admission of adjacent town to district
§ 10-51 Fiscal year. Budget. Payments by member towns; adjustments to payments. Investment of funds. Temporary borrowing. Reserve funds
§ 10-51a Petition to determine deficiency in town payment
§ 10-51b Reserve fund for employee sick leave and severance benefits
§ 10-52 Adult education
§ 10-53 Application of education statutes
§ 10-54 Transportation grants
§ 10-55 Pupils to attend regional school
§ 10-56 Corporate powers. Bond issues
§ 10-58a Default of district in payment on bonds or notes. Withholding of state aid
§ 10-59 Fiscal year. Budget
§ 10-60 Borrowing in addition to bonds
§ 10-60a Refunding bonds
§ 10-63a Vote for withdrawal of town or dissolution of district
§ 10-63b Committee to study issues relating to withdrawal or dissolution
§ 10-63c Report of committee
§ 10-63f Obligations not affected by action
§ 10-63g Withdrawal and dissolution restricted
§ 10-63h Applicability to existing regional school districts
§ 10-63i Regional school district established before June 24, 1969
§ 10-63j “Representation”, defined
§ 10-63k Regional school reapportionment committee
§ 10-63l Powers of regional school reapportionment committee
§ 10-63m Approval or rejection of plan recommended by regional school reapportionment committee
§ 10-63n Referendum for regional school reapportionment. Establishment of plan
§ 10-63o Execution of reapportionment plan
§ 10-63p Time limits for reapportionment. Right to compel compliance
§ 10-63q Notification as to constitutionality of regional board representation following decennial census
§ 10-63r Establishment of new plan of representation permitted after initial reapportionment
§ 10-63s Duties of Commissioner of Education. Actions of regional board to be by weighted vote
§ 10-63t Applicability of reapportionment requirements
§ 10-64 Establishment of regional agricultural science and technology education centers. Moratorium; exception. Tuition and transportation
§ 10-65 Grants for constructing and operating agricultural science and technology education centers. Tuition charges
§ 10-65a Plan to increase racial and ethnic diversity
§ 10-65b Provision of student’s nonagricultural academic courses; shared-time arrangements
§ 10-66 Regulations
§ 10-66a Establishment
§ 10-66b Operation and management. Board
§ 10-66c Powers of board of center
§ 10-66d Participation by boards of education and nonpublic schools
§ 10-66e Payment of expenses
§ 10-66f Participation in programs of other centers. Joint action by centers
§ 10-66g Budget and projected revenues statement. Annual audit
§ 10-66h Annual evaluation of programs and services
§ 10-66i Applicability of statutes. Receipt of payments
§ 10-66j Regulations. Annual grants, proportional reduction. Support of regional efforts to recruit and retain minority educators
§ 10-66k Revocation of participation; effect on pledge for security of bonds. Existence of center and repayment of obligations
§ 10-66l Boards of education may join center within or outside area
§ 10-66m Other cooperative agreements not affected
§ 10-66n Grants for identifying and disseminating information re exemplary classroom projects
§ 10-66o Provision of goods and services to boards of education
§ 10-66p Allocation and expenditure of funds for professional development services, technical assistance and evaluation activities
§ 10-66q Development and adoption of uniform regional school calendar. Report
§ 10-66r Regional model for provision of special education services re transportation, training and therapeutic services
§ 10-66s Survey re special education services and programs
§ 10-66t Survey re English language learner services and bilingual education programs
§ 10-66aa Charter schools: Definitions
§ 10-66bb Application process and requirements. Initial certificate of approval for charter. Charter renewal. Probation. Revocation. Enrollment lottery; exceptions
§ 10-66cc Strategic school profile report. Report on school’s progress
§ 10-66dd School professionals and persons holding charter school educator permits employed in charter schools. Charter schools subject to laws governing public schools; exceptions; waivers. Participation in the state teacher retirement system
§ 10-66ee Charter school funding. Special education students. Transportation. Contracts. Cooperative arrangements
§ 10-66ff Powers. Liability limited. Participation in Short-Term Investment Fund
§ 10-66gg Report to General Assembly
§ 10-66hh Program to assist charter schools with capital expenses
§ 10-66ii Report on best practices employed by charter schools
§ 10-66jj Bond authorization for program to assist charter schools with capital expenses
§ 10-66kk Governing council. Internet posting of meeting schedules, agendas and minutes. Membership
§ 10-66ll Random audits of charter schools
§ 10-66mm Regulations concerning management of charter schools
§ 10-66nn Grant to assist with start-up costs for new local charter school. Eligibility. Applications. Unexpended funds. Guidelines
§ 10-66oo Governing council. Training re responsibilities and best practices. Adoption of policies re antinepotism and conflict of interests
§ 10-66pp Annual submission of certified audit statement and Internal Revenue Service form 990
§ 10-66qq Internet web site posting re reports, certified audit statements and forms
§ 10-66rr Child abuse and neglect registry and criminal history records checks of governing council members, charter management organization members and contractors
§ 10-66ss Amendment to charter
§ 10-66tt Contract for whole school management services with a charter management organization
§ 10-66uu Applicability of Freedom of Information Act to records and files related to administration of charter school by charter management organization
§ 10-67 Definitions
§ 10-68 Appointment of director of adult education
§ 10-69 Adult education
§ 10-69a Adult education programs in New Haven and Bridgeport authorized to provide additional instructional services
§ 10-70 Rooms and personnel
§ 10-71 State grants for adult education programs
§ 10-71a State grants for adult education programs. Eligibility requirements
§ 10-73a Adult education fees and charges; waivers. Adult education school activity fund
§ 10-73b Grants for adult education services or programs conforming to state plan
§ 10-73c State Board of Education administrative expenses for adult education
§ 10-73d Request of certain students to attend adult education classes. Assignment
§ 10-74 State aid for schools for non-English-speaking adults
§ 10-74a Summer courses. Charges
§ 10-74b Grants for remedial summer school programs
§ 10-74c Grants for young parents programs
§ 10-74d Grants for interdistrict cooperative programs
§ 10-74e Basic Education Training Team for Employment Readiness; state match
§ 10-74f School reorganization model
§ 10-74g CommPACT schools
§ 10-74h Innovation schools. Innovation plan. Evaluation. Enrollment
§ 10-74i Community schools
§ 10-74j Alternative education
§ 10-74k Alternative education guidelines. Identification and organization codes
§ 10-74l Annual report re receipt of federal funds under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
§ 10-74m Department to enter into memoranda of understanding with other state agencies re provision of special education services
§ 10-74n Transition resources, services and programs. Fact sheet. Collection and distribution of information
§ 10-76a Definitions
§ 10-76b State supervision of special education programs and services. Regulations. Coordinating agency
§ 10-76c Receipt and use of money and personal property
§ 10-76d Duties and powers of boards of education to provide special education programs and services. Determination of eligibility for Medicaid. Development of individualized education program. Planning and placement team meetings. Public agency placements; apport
§ 10-76e School construction grant for cooperative regional special education facilities
§ 10-76f Definition of terms used in formula for state aid for special education
§ 10-76g State aid for special education
§ 10-76h Special education hearing and review procedure. Mediation of disputes
§ 10-76i Advisory Council for Special Education
§ 10-76j Five-year plan for special education
§ 10-76k Development of experimental educational programs
§ 10-76l Annual evaluation of special education programs
§ 10-76m Auditing of claims for special education assistance
§ 10-76n Special Education Resource Center
§ 10-76o Special education at the Gilbert School, Norwich Free Academy and Woodstock Academy
§ 10-76p Reimbursement where state agency makes private placement
§ 10-76q Special education at technical high schools
§ 10-76r Grant payment for certain special education placements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1983
§ 10-76s Special education study committee
§ 10-76t Definitions re primary mental health program
§ 10-76u School-based primary mental health programs established. Grants to boards of education
§ 10-76v Program components. Duties of mental health professionals. Parental consent required
§ 10-76w Duties of department re primary mental health program
§ 10-76x Boards of education to contribute to program. Misuse of grants
§ 10-76y Assistive devices
§ 10-76dd Special education supervisory personnel
§ 10-76ee Administrative representative required for planning and placement team meetings
§ 10-76ff Procedures for determining if a child requires special education
§ 10-76gg Information on race, ethnicity and disability category of children requiring special education
§ 10-76hh Prohibition on deduction of Medicaid reimbursement in determination of grant payments
§ 10-76ii Provision of applied behavior analysis services
§ 10-76jj Language and communication plan as part of individualized education program for child identified as deaf or hearing impaired
§ 10-76kk Disproportionate or inappropriate identification of minority students or English language learners requiring special education. Report. Study
§ 10-76ll Bill of rights for parents of children receiving special education services
§ 10-76mm Development of individualized education program form
§ 10-76nn Individualized Education Program Advisory Council
§ 10-76oo Digital individualized education program form software. Request for proposals and evaluation. Implementation; exception
§ 10-76pp Use of digital individualized education program form software by school districts
§ 10-91f Costs of education of child placed in community residence or child-care facility
§ 10-91g Audits of private providers of special education services
§ 10-91h Boards of education to provide information for purpose of audits of private providers of special education services
§ 10-91i Private providers of special education services to submit to audits
§ 10-92 Education at Newington Children’s Hospital
§ 10-92a Use of supplemental resources for children not eligible for special education
§ 10-92b Department to provide complete and accurate information re special education programs and services
§ 10-94e Exemption of career education program students from certain labor laws while working therein
§ 10-94f Definitions
§ 10-94g Commissioner of Education to appoint surrogate parent. Procedure for objection to or extension of said appointment
§ 10-94h Duration of appointment as surrogate parent. Appointment of successor surrogate parent
§ 10-94i Rights and liabilities of surrogate parents
§ 10-94j Regulations re appointment of surrogate parents
§ 10-94k Funding of surrogate parent program
§ 10-94l Surrogate parent program
§ 10-95 Technical high school system. Board. Chairperson. Superintendent. Accreditation status. Accountability
§ 10-95a Student activity programs at state technical high schools
§ 10-95e Vocational Education Extension Fund. Apprenticeship account
§ 10-95f “Technical high schools” substituted for “regional vocational-technical schools” and “vocational schools”
§ 10-95h Legislative committees to meet to consider issues re the technical high school system and the state workforce. Required submissions
§ 10-95i Long-range plan of priorities and goals for the technical high school system. Trade programs. Capital improvement and capital equipment plan
§ 10-95j Information on admissions, faculty and efforts to strengthen public awareness of the technical high schools and the role of school craft committees
§ 10-95k Biennial report to the General Assembly
§ 10-95l Training programs for certified employees
§ 10-95m Study of relationship between admissions scores and performance
§ 10-95n Military recruiting on campus
§ 10-95o Closure or suspension of operations of a technical high school. Development of plan by State Board of Education. Transportation of students during closure or suspension of operations
§ 10-96c Indemnification of persons making gifts to department or technical high school system
§ 10-97 Transportation to technical high schools
§ 10-97a Inspection of school buses in operation in technical high school system
§ 10-97b Replacement of school buses in service in technical high school system. Report
§ 10-98 Vocational agricultural training
§ 10-98a Workforce needs
§ 10-99 Industrial account
§ 10-99f Budget for technical high school system
§ 10-99g Budget development and approval process for technical high school system