§ 10-218 Officers. Meetings
§ 10-218a Oath of office
§ 10-219 Procedure for filling vacancy on local board of education
§ 10-220 Duties of boards of education
§ 10-220a In-service training. Professional development and evaluation committees. Institutes for educators. Cooperating teacher program, regulations
§ 10-220b Policy statement on drugs
§ 10-220c Transportation of children over private roads. Immunity from liability
§ 10-220d Student recruitment by regional and interdistrict specialized schools and programs. Recruitment of athletes prohibited. Information re and notice of availability of certain schools and education centers
§ 10-220e Foster children count
§ 10-220f Safety committee
§ 10-220g Policy on weighted grading for honors and advanced placement classes
§ 10-220h Transfer of student records
§ 10-220i Transportation of students carrying cartridge injectors
§ 10-220j Blood glucose self-testing by children. Guidelines
§ 10-220k Disclosure of educational records re student confined in detention facility
§ 10-220l Qualified personnel to monitor school swimming pool. School swimming pool safety plan
§ 10-220m Review of transportation arrangements of special needs students
§ 10-221 Boards of education to prescribe rules, policies and procedures
§ 10-221a High school graduation requirements. Student support and remedial services. Excusal from physical education requirement. Diplomas for certain veterans and certain persons assisting in the war effort during World War II. Student success plans
§ 10-221b Boards of education to establish written uniform policy re treatment of recruiters
§ 10-221c Development of policy for reporting complaints re school transportation safety. Reporting of accidents at school bus stops
§ 10-221d Criminal history and child abuse and neglect registry records checks of school personnel. Fingerprinting. Termination or dismissal. Denial of application for and revocation of certification. Availability of information re applicant’s history
§ 10-221e Intradistrict student assignment programs
§ 10-221f School uniforms
§ 10-221g Instructional time and facility usage assessment
§ 10-221j Early Reading Success Panel
§ 10-221k Assessments by priority school districts of need related to goal of reading success
§ 10-221l State-Wide Early Reading Success Institute
§ 10-221m Development and implementation of in-service reading instruction training program by priority school districts
§ 10-221n Independent evaluation
§ 10-221o Lunch periods. Recess. Boards to adopt policies addressing limitation of physical exercise
§ 10-221p Boards to make available for purchase nutritious and low-fat foods
§ 10-221q Sale of beverages
§ 10-221r Advanced placement course program. Guidelines
§ 10-221s Posting of Careline telephone number in schools. Investigations of child abuse and neglect. Disciplinary action
§ 10-221t Alignment of common core standards with college level programs
§ 10-221u Boards to adopt policies addressing the use of physical activity as discipline
§ 10-221v Confidential rapid response team re suspected abuse or neglect
§ 10-222 Appropriations and budget
§ 10-222a Boards to have use of funds from repayment and insurance proceeds for school materials and from payment for custodial services for use of school facilities
§ 10-222b Board to have use of funds from the Manville property damage settlement trust
§ 10-222c Hiring policy. Applicant’s employment history; requirement to disclose and check upon. Immunity from civil and criminal liability
§ 10-222d Safe school climate plans. Definitions. School climate assessments
§ 10-222e Policy on evaluation and termination of athletic coaches
§ 10-222f College informational forums
§ 10-222g Prevention and intervention strategy re bullying and teen dating violence
§ 10-222h Analysis of school districts’ efforts re prevention of and response to bullying in schools. School climate assessment instruments
§ 10-222i State-wide safe school climate resource network
§ 10-222j Training re prevention, identification and response to school bullying, teen dating violence and youth suicide
§ 10-222k District safe school climate coordinator. Safe school climate specialist. Safe school climate committee
§ 10-222l Immunity of school employees, students, parents or guardians, individuals and boards of education from liability for certain actions relating to reporting, investigating and responding to school bullying and teen dating violence
§ 10-222m School security and safety plans. School security and safety committees
§ 10-222n School security and safety plan standards
§ 10-222o Information re aggregate spending for education to be made available
§ 10-222p Review of safe school climate plans by Department of Education. Approval or rejection
§ 10-223 Separate high school accounts
§ 10-223a Promotion and graduation policies. Basic skills necessary for graduation; assessment process
§ 10-223e State-wide education accountability plan. State-wide performance management and support plan. Actions. Study of academic achievement. Reconstitution of boards of education
§ 10-223f Use of charter school student performance data in the calculation of accountability index scores for alliance districts
§ 10-223g On-line credit recovery program. On-line learning coordinator
§ 10-223h Commissioner’s network of schools. Turnaround committees. Operations and instructional audit. Turnaround plans. Reports
§ 10-223i Contracts between boards of education and not-for-profit educational management organizations. Operations report. Enrollment policies
§ 10-223j School governance councils
§ 10-223k Department of Education to publish certain plans, rankings and formulas
§ 10-224 Duties of the secretary
§ 10-225 Salaries of secretary and attendance officers
§ 10-226 Reports to Commissioner of Education
§ 10-226a Documentation of pupils and teachers of racial minorities and pupils eligible for free or reduced price lunches
§ 10-226b Existence of racial imbalance
§ 10-226c Plan to correct imbalance
§ 10-226d Approval of plan by state board
§ 10-226e Regulations
§ 10-226f Coordinator of intergroup relations
§ 10-226g Intergroup relations training for teachers
§ 10-226h Programs and methods to reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation
§ 10-227 Returns of receipts, expenditures and statistics to Commissioner of Education. Verification mandated. Penalty
§ 10-228 Free textbooks, supplies, material and equipment
§ 10-228a Free textbook loans to pupils attending nonpublic schools
§ 10-228b Tax credits for donation of computers to schools
§ 10-229 Change of textbooks
§ 10-230 Flags in schoolrooms and schools. Policy on the reciting of the “Pledge of Allegiance”
§ 10-230a Employment of instructors of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps programs
§ 10-230b Exemplary veterans education program distinction
§ 10-231 Fire drills. Crisis response drills
§ 10-231a Pesticide applications at schools: Definitions
§ 10-231b Pesticide applications at schools: Authorized applications. Ban. Exceptions
§ 10-231c Pesticide applications at schools without an integrated pest management plan. Prior notice
§ 10-231d Pesticide applications at schools with an integrated pest management plan. Prior notice
§ 10-231e Maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
§ 10-231f Indoor air quality committee
§ 10-231g Green cleaning program at schools: Definitions. Implementation. Notice
§ 10-232 Restrictions on employment of members of board of education
§ 10-233 Suspension of pupils
§ 10-233a Definitions
§ 10-233b Removal of pupils from class
§ 10-233c Suspension of pupils
§ 10-233d *(See end of section for amended version and effective date.) Expulsion of pupils
§ 10-233e Notice as to disciplinary policies and action
§ 10-233f In-school suspension of pupils. Reassignment
§ 10-233g Reports of principals to police authority concerning physical assaults upon school employees by students
§ 10-233h Arrested students. Reports by police, disclosure, confidentiality. Police testimony at expulsion hearings
§ 10-233i Students placed on probation by a court
§ 10-233j Student possession and use of telecommunication devices
§ 10-233k Notification of school officials of potentially dangerous students. Provision of educational records of children returning to school from detention centers
§ 10-233l Expulsion and suspension of children in preschool programs
§ 10-233m Memorandum of understanding re school resource officers
§ 10-233n Report re disaggregated school discipline data
§ 10-234 Expulsion of pupils
§ 10-234aa Definitions
§ 10-234bb Contracts between boards of education and contractors re student data. Requirements
§ 10-234cc Requirements for operators re student data
§ 10-234dd Duties re unauthorized release, disclosure or acquisition of student data
§ 10-235 Indemnification of teachers, board members, employees and certain volunteers and students in damage suits; expenses of litigation
§ 10-235a Immunity from liability of internship providers
§ 10-236 Liability insurance
§ 10-236a Indemnification of educational personnel assaulted in the line of duty
§ 10-236b Physical restraint and seclusion of students by school employees
§ 10-237 School activity funds
§ 10-238 Petition for hearing by board of education
§ 10-239 Use of school facilities for other purposes
§ 10-239a Demonstration scholarship program. Short title. Legislative intent
§ 10-239b Definitions
§ 10-239c Contract with federal agency for funds
§ 10-239d Demonstration board and staff. Scholarships
§ 10-239e Use of scholarships. Eligibility of schools
§ 10-239f Collective bargaining by teachers
§ 10-239g Evaluation of quality of education and satisfaction with schools under program
§ 10-239h Liberal construction
§ 10-239i Participation in the National Assessment of Educational Progress or other national or international assessment
§ 10-239j Disclosure of accreditation reports. Notification requirements
§ 10-239k Shared service agreements