Effective date: 7/7/2016

    (1) The Department has a legal responsibility to provide services until the finalization of an adoption. This period shall be a minimum of 90 days from the date the child was placed in the physical custody of the adoptive parent. The first home visit must be made within one (1) week after placement, unless the child has been residing in the home for more than 30 days. There shall be a minimum of three (3) home visits in placements. For placements which do not proceed smoothly, additional and more frequent contacts are necessary. The adoptive child must be contacted a minimum of once every 30 days until adoption finalization. The entire family must be seen together at least once during the post-placement supervision period.
    (2) Some placements are, by nature, complex and will require additional services during the post-placement period. All needed services must be identified and accessed prior to the day of finalization of an adoption.
    (3) Children with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties who required specialized services to maintain stability in their foster home often need the same services in the adoptive home. An ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of services implemented at the time of placement must be a part of placement supervision to determine if the current services are effective or if additional services are needed.
    (4) Multidisciplinary Team. During the post-placement supervision period, adoptive families may access the services of the Multidisciplinary Team. When the services of the team are needed, the case manager or adoption counselor shall initiate contact with the identified single point of access.
    (5) At the end of the supervisory period, the case manager or adoption supervisor and the adoption counselor, or the community-based-care (CBC) agency, must make a final assessment of the placement. Before the final adoption hearing, or within 90 days after the adoption petition is filed with the court by the adoptive family, whichever occurs first, a final home evaluation must be completed as directed in Florida Statutes § 63.125, and a written report on the findings, including a recommendation on the granting of the adoption petition, must be filed with the court. In addition to the requirements of Florida Statutes § 63.125, the following must be addressed in the written report to the court:
    (a) A summary of issues discussed in Rule 65C-16.005, F.A.C., Evaluation of Applicants, and Rule 65C-16.007, F.A.C., Abuse Hotline and Registry and Criminal Records Checks.
    (b) A full discussion regarding any unusual circumstances in the adoptive family, including health records and findings, and financial problems.
    (6) After the post-placement period has been completed, the CBC agency or subcontractor staff, shall sign the consent to adoption and forward it to the adoptive parents’ attorney. Any available or readily obtainable family and medical history of the child and birth parents must be attached to the consent. If the family and medical history contains identifying information about the biological family, that information must be deleted prior to presenting it to the family.
    (a) At the time of the adoptive placement, the CBC agency or subcontractor case manager or adoption counselor shall complete the original and two (2) copies of Section A and B of the Certified Statement of Final Decree of Adoption, DH 527, August 2008, incorporated by reference and available at http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-06977, and verify the information with the adoptive parents. The CBC agency or subcontractor case manager or adoption counselor shall then forward the Certified Statement of Final Decree of Adoption to the parent’s attorney.
    (b) When a placement disrupts, the CBC agency or subcontractor case manager or adoption counselor shall record a disruption summary, which provides an evaluation and assessment of the reasons for the disruption in FSFN. In addition to assessing and summarizing the reasons for the disruption, the summary must also assess the impact the failed placement had on the child and issues which must be resolved before another placement can be considered. Any specific attributes or skills which will be necessary in the next adoptive parents must also be included. This summary must be recorded within 10 days after the disruption occurs.
Rulemaking Authority 39.0121, 63.233 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 39.812, 63.125. History—New 2-14-84, Formerly 10M-8.06, Amended 4-28-92, 4-14-94, 1-8-95, Formerly 10M-8.006, Amended 12-4-97, 8-19-03, 11-30-08, 7-7-16.