§ 8-2101 Parties to a crime established by uniform act
§ 8-2102 Offenses by persons owning or controlling vehicles
§ 8-2103 Application of act to public officers and employees
§ 8-2104 When person to be taken before judge of district court; arrest at discretion of officer, when; traffic citation only in certain cases
§ 8-2106 Traffic citation; procedure
§ 8-2107 Appearance bond; offenses for which bond may be required; deposit of driver’s license; suspension of license for failure to appear; penalties for filing for replacement license; cash bond, credit card or arrest bond certificate; amount of and procedure
§ 8-2108 Citation deemed lawful complaint
§ 8-2109 Authority of officer at scene of accident
§ 8-2110 Failure to comply with traffic citation; misdemeanor; suspension of driver’s license; restricted driving privileges; fees for mailing notice; reinstatement fee; authorized only by legislative enactment; disposition of reinstatement fees
§ 8-2111 Applicability of procedures in 8-2101 to 8-2110
§ 8-2112 Citation for illegally parked, standing or stopped vehicle
§ 8-2113 Same; failure to appear; notice
§ 8-2114 Same; prosecution; presumption of ownership
§ 8-2115 Records of traffic cases; transmittal of abstracts to division; form; effect of noncompliance; public inspection of records; notice of final disposition of appeals
§ 8-2116 Classification of violations; traffic infractions; misdemeanors; repeat misdemeanor offenses
§ 8-2117 Prosecution of juvenile traffic offenders; disposition
§ 8-2118 Uniform fine schedule for traffic infraction violations; payment by mail with plea, when; full payment required; ordinance traffic infractions; doubling of fine in road construction zone and school zone
§ 8-2119 Electronic citations