1.  The children’s division shall have the following duties in the administration of the subsidy program:

 (1)  Notify all petitioners for adoption of the availability of subsidies for a child;

Terms Used In Missouri Laws 453.074

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 (2)  Provide all petitioners for adoption with the rules and eligibility requirements for subsidies;

 (3)  Inform the parents of a child receiving a subsidy of reductions, suspensions, or redirections under subsection 2 of section 453.073, or other modifications in the terms and conditions of the written agreement;

 (4)  Establish procedures for the resolution of disputes involving the delay, denial, suspensions, or redirections under subsection 2 of section 453.073, amount or type of subsidy;

 (5)  File an annual report to the legislature in the budget proposal on the adoption subsidy program, including but not limited to, the number and types of subsidies being paid, an accounting of state and federal funds expended, and a projection of future monetary needs to maintain the subsidy program;

 (6)  Comply with all federal laws relating to adoption subsidies in order to maintain the eligibility of the state of Missouri for federal funds.

 2.  The provisions of this section shall not apply to the adoption of a child by the spouse of a biological parent or an adoptive parent.