§ 162.011 School boards may associate and appoint a member to attend meetings–may pay dues and attendance expenses
§ 162.013 School boards may expend district funds to provide accident and property damage insurance for members, when
§ 162.014 Registered sex offenders prohibited from being school board candidates
§ 162.025 (L. 2015 H.B. 63, Repealed L. 2015 S.B. 104 § A)
§ 162.031 Division or addition to district–apportionment of property and obligations
§ 162.032 Annexation or dissolution of school district, health care coverage continuation responsibility of successor district
§ 162.041 Arbitration of disagreement as to apportionment–arbitrator’s compensation–effect of award
§ 162.051 Special board meetings, how called–notice
§ 162.063 School districts may provide hospital and medical coverage for students, when
§ 162.064 Bus drivers, medical endorsement required, when
§ 162.065 Bus driver training required
§ 162.068 Former employees, information provided by school district, written policy required–suspension of employee under investigation–immunity from liability, when, exception
§ 162.069 Employee-student communications, written policy required–training materials, required content
§ 162.071 Annexation of district to adjoining district, when–state board of education, duties
§ 162.073 Definitions
§ 162.081 Failure to provide minimum school term, effect of–unaccredited schools, hearing required, board of education options–special administrative board, duration of authority
§ 162.083 Special administrative board, additional members authorized–term of office–return to local governance, when
§ 162.085 Lapse of district upon withdrawal of provisional accreditation
§ 162.091 Neglect or refusal to comply with school laws by public official a misdemeanor, penalty
§ 162.152 Section of district reorganization created–duties
§ 162.171 Reorganization plans may be proposed
§ 162.181 Reorganization, procedure
§ 162.191 Election in proposed district
§ 162.201 Certification of election results
§ 162.202 Consolidation of two or more school districts, tax rate ceiling how calculated
§ 162.203 Orientation and training requirements for board members initially elected or appointed
§ 162.204 Permanent records, digital or electronic format permitted
§ 162.208 Internet websites, required postings
§ 162.211 Seven-director district, who may establish
§ 162.212 Six-director school district to be known as seven-director school district
§ 162.215 School officers may be commissioned to enforce certain criminal laws
§ 162.221 Seven-director district, procedure to organize
§ 162.223 Consolidation of seven-director districts–petition by voters or call for election by two or more boards of education–ballot form–procedure–new district declared, when–commissioner’s powers–board members, how determined
§ 162.231 Failure to approve proposed district–effect
§ 162.241 Election of directors in newly formed district–costs of election, how paid
§ 162.251 New district, officers, elected, when–funds, how transferred–obligations assumed
§ 162.261 Seven-director district, board of, terms–vacancies–prohibition on hiring spouse of board member, when–constitutional prohibition on nepotism applies to districts
§ 162.281 Candidate to declare for term of specific number of years, when
§ 162.291 Directors–election–qualifications
§ 162.301 Organization of board–quorum–officers
§ 162.303 Failure of member to attend board meetings, effect–attendance, defined–vacancies, how filled
§ 162.311 Name of district adopted, when–seal required
§ 162.321 Change of district name–effect
§ 162.341 Annual election, when held
§ 162.351 Election commissioners to conduct elections in certain districts
§ 162.371 Secretary to issue certificates
§ 162.381 Conduct of special elections
§ 162.391 Employment of board members prohibited–secretary and treasurer, compensated, when
§ 162.401 Treasurer’s bond
§ 162.411 Board may employ attorney
§ 162.423 Extension of city limits does not affect district boundaries–section effective when
§ 162.431 Boundary change–procedure–arbitration–compensation of arbitrators–resubmission of changes restricted
§ 162.441 Annexation–procedure–form of ballot
§ 162.451 Dissolution of district
§ 162.459 Boards of all seven-director and urban school districts to have seven members with the exception of Kansas City–directors, how elected
§ 162.461 Corporate powers of urban districts
§ 162.471 Board of directors–qualifications, terms, vacancies
§ 162.481 Elections in urban school districts, held when–elections in Springfield, post-2000 census urban school districts, St. Charles County, and Buchanan County
§ 162.491 Directors may be nominated by petition, when–contents of petition, certain districts–no petition required, Buchanan County
§ 162.492 Director districts, candidates from subdistricts and at large–terms–vacancy, how filled (urban districts)
§ 162.501 Secretary to issue certificates of election
§ 162.511 Duties, restrictions and liabilities of the board–quorum–seal
§ 162.521 Selection of officers of the board–terms–removal
§ 162.531 Duties of the secretary–bond
§ 162.541 Bond of treasurer
§ 162.551 Compensation of treasurer and secretary
§ 162.553 Urban school district may form ad hoc committee on dropout prevention–members–selection
§ 162.571 Corporate powers of metropolitan district–board of education, powers
§ 162.581 Qualifications of board members–oath–exemption from service as election officers
§ 162.591 Organization of board–board to appoint acting superintendent, when
§ 162.601 Election of board members, terms–members appointed due to vacancies, terms–qualifications
§ 162.603 Nominations–procedure
§ 162.611 Failure to attend board meetings, effect–vacancies, how filled
§ 162.621 Powers and duties of board of education–special administrative board
§ 162.626 Multiyear teacher-student grouping pilot program–class sizes, program goals–policies of school board may be reviewed by state board of education
§ 162.631 Jurisdiction of circuit court over board–how exercised
§ 162.641 Treasurer, duties–bond
§ 162.651 Testimony taken in board’s investigations to be under oath
§ 162.661 Annual report of the board
§ 162.666 St. Louis students’ bill of rights
§ 162.670 Statement of policy
§ 162.675 Definitions
§ 162.680 Disabled children to be educated with others whenever possible
§ 162.685 Hearings by state board on adoption of standards and regulations
§ 162.690 Advisory committees authorized–how appointed
§ 162.700 Special educational services, required, when–diagnostic reports, how obtained–evaluations of private school students with disabilities–special services, ages three and four–remedial reading program, how funded
§ 162.705 Contracts with other districts for special educational services–costs, how paid–district must provide services, when
§ 162.710 Transportation, how provided
§ 162.715 Special training for special educational programs–professional personnel required to obtain state aid
§ 162.720 Gifted children, district may establish programs for–state board to approve
§ 162.730 State board to establish schools for severely disabled–special services for deaf–who shall provide–rules, procedure
§ 162.740 District of residence to pay toward cost, when–amount, how calculated
§ 162.745 Amount due from school district, notification of–payment, when–failure to pay, effect of
§ 162.750 Special district may contract for special educational services for severely handicapped children
§ 162.755 Transportation to be provided children, sheltered workshop employees, social centers and residents of facilities for certain disabled persons, also certain state schools
§ 162.756 Transportation by common carriers for students of schools for the blind and deaf
§ 162.760 Additional personnel of state board, appointment of
§ 162.765 Superintendents and personnel of state schools for the deaf and blind, appointments, how made–compensation, how set and paid
§ 162.770 Reports by superintendents of state schools for deaf and blind required, when
§ 162.775 Eye examinations for pupils at state school for blind required–medical treatment provided, when
§ 162.780 Care and control of property of state schools for severely disabled in state board of education
§ 162.785 State board authorized to acquire property and to receive and administer grants
§ 162.790 Donated funds, how handled–special funds created–annual report on all money in trust funds required
§ 162.795 Boards of advisors, terms, appointment, duties, meetings
§ 162.800 Board of advisors–compensation and expenses of members
§ 162.805 State and area advisory committees, how appointed–tenure
§ 162.810 Employees not to have interest in sales to schools, penalty
§ 162.815 Voters may create special district to educate severely handicapped and to provide vocational training to residents of district
§ 162.820 Preexisting special districts covered by sections 162.670 to 162.995
§ 162.821 District secretary, duties of–report, contents of
§ 162.825 Special district, procedure to establish
§ 162.830 Special district may include one or more school districts
§ 162.835 State board to review petition, when–plan for election districts within a special district required, when–submission to voters, when
§ 162.840 Form of ballot
§ 162.841 Records to be kept–changes to be reported
§ 162.845 Organization election results, how determined–election of directors, when
§ 162.855 Board of education of a special school district, duties and powers
§ 162.856 Governing council of special school districts with population of more than 100,000–members–powers and duties
§ 162.857 Board of education of special school district with population of more than 100,000–members–powers and duties
§ 162.858 Public review committee and parental advisory committee of special school district with population of more than 100,000–appointment of members–powers and duties
§ 162.859 Board members to file financial interest statements
§ 162.860 Candidates for board, qualifications–filing for office, where
§ 162.865 Election at large–terms of office
§ 162.867 Candidate for board–qualifications–election process–terms–redistricting committee
§ 162.870 Results, how certified
§ 162.875 District a body corporate and a political subdivision–powers granted
§ 162.880 Establishment of schools, when
§ 162.885 Determination of eligibility of child, how made
§ 162.890 Special district to assume full responsibility for handicapped or severely handicapped children–exception, transition period
§ 162.895 Vocational training to be provided
§ 162.900 Transportation of students required–state transportation aid authorized
§ 162.905 Cooperative activities authorized
§ 162.910 Election of board members–term–declarations of
§ 162.915 Acquisition of property–condemnation powers–sites, how selected
§ 162.920 Tax rate–how increased
§ 162.925 Property subject to tax–special district taxes not to be used in determining average school levy
§ 162.930 Approval for state aid, how obtained
§ 162.935 State aid, how computed
§ 162.940 Tuition fees, how set–who shall pay
§ 162.945 Notice to parent or guardian of diagnosis–contents of notice
§ 162.946 Disability history and awareness instruction, school board may require–October designated disability history and awareness month–content and goals of instruction
§ 162.955 Change in assignment, prohibited, when–child endangering self or others, court order–placement of child during interim
§ 162.958 Law in effect at time of request to be utilized
§ 162.959 Mediation of dispute available, when–agreement to be in writing–attorney not permitted, when
§ 162.961 Due process hearing before administrative hearing commission–written decision–expedited hearing–forty-five day placement–hearing requirements–preliminary meeting
§ 162.962 Decision subject to review, when, procedure
§ 162.963 Rights of parties–record of proceedings, how kept–costs, how paid
§ 162.974 Reimbursement for education costs of high-need children
§ 162.996 Handicapped children attending private, parochial, parish or home schools, districts may provide special educational services–state aid, how calculated
§ 162.997 Surrogates appointed, when–state board of education, duties–definitions
§ 162.998 Board of education to be notified of need of surrogate, when, appointment, when
§ 162.999 Duties of surrogates, qualifications for appointment, evaluation by board, successor surrogates appointed, when–rights of surrogates–immunity from suits, exceptions–reimbursement for expenses–legal assistance and independent evaluations, rules
§ 162.1000 Interagency council on transition created, definitions, members, qualifications, chairperson how selected–meetings, powers and duties–annual report, content
§ 162.1040 Citation of law–not applicable to certain districts
§ 162.1042 Definitions
§ 162.1045 State board of education to develop guidelines for enrollment option plan
§ 162.1047 Enrollment option plan standards for acceptance or rejection–notice of rejection, content
§ 162.1049 Nonresident district and resident district to accept each other’s credits
§ 162.1052 Rejection of admission of a nonresident by nonresident district, when
§ 162.1055 School districts soliciting enrollment of a nonresident student, prohibited–activities in schools to be determined by district
§ 162.1057 State aid, nonresident student enrolled in option district to be counted as resident
§ 162.1059 Federal court ordering desegregation court order to govern enrollment option
§ 162.1060 Transfer corporation, board, powers and duties, funding–termination of corporation, funds to lapse to general revenue–regional attendance zones
§ 162.1061 Transfer corporations (metropolitan schools), computation of state aid
§ 162.1100 Transitional school district, governing board, members, powers and duties–taxation–school improvement plan, review by state board of education–accountability officer, duties–dissolution of district, when
§ 162.1115 Career and technical education programs, districts not penalized under school improvement program, when–revision of scoring
§ 162.1125 Kaitlyn’s law–certain IDEA students may participate in graduation ceremonies and related activities
§ 162.1130 Definitions
§ 162.1133 Blindness skills specialist available at each regional professional development center, duties–task force established
§ 162.1136 Annual study conducted, educational status of eligible students–report to the general assembly, contents
§ 162.1139 Joint referral service developed, rehabilitation services
§ 162.1142 Blindness skills specialist fund created
§ 162.1180 Instructional services and programs, educational service agency may be designated, organization, meetings
§ 162.1190 Multiple attendance centers for same grade level, board to have policy for transfer of students
§ 162.1195 Fine arts, professional development education assistance
§ 162.1250 State funding for resident students enrolled in virtual program–calculation of funding–standards for virtual courses