Careless and Reckless Driving
Special Safety Measures
Open Container Violations
Disposing of Human Waste
Driving While Suspended or Revoked
Driver Offenses Involving Passengers
Highway Work Zones
School Zone Penalties
General Driving Rules
Use of Lights and Warnings
Obeying Police
Parking, Stopping and Standing
Funeral Processions
§ 811.015 Failure to obey traffic patrol member; penalty
§ 811.017 Failure to yield to traffic patrol member; penalty
§ 811.020 Passing stopped vehicle at crosswalk; penalty
§ 811.025 Failure to yield to pedestrian on sidewalk; penalty
§ 811.028 Failure to stop and remain stopped for pedestrian; penalty
§ 811.030 Driving through safety zone; penalty
§ 811.035 Failure to stop and remain stopped for pedestrian who has limited vision or is blind; penalty
§ 811.050 Failure to yield to rider on bicycle lane; penalty
§ 811.055 Failure to yield to bicyclist on sidewalk; penalty
§ 811.059 Milkman Mike Act
§ 811.060 Vehicular assault; penalty
§ 811.065 Unsafe passing of person operating bicycle; penalty

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