(a) The driver of any vehicle other than one on official business shall not follow any fire apparatus traveling in response to a fire alarm closer than five hundred feet (500¢) or park the vehicle within the block where fire apparatus has stopped in answer to a fire alarm.

Terms Used In Tennessee Code 55-8-168

  • Driver: means every person who drives or is in actual physical control of a vehicle. See Tennessee Code 55-8-101
  • Vehicle: means every device in, upon or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, excepting devices used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks. See Tennessee Code 55-8-101

(b) A violation of this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

[Acts 1955, ch. 329, § 68; T.C.A., § 59-869; Acts 1989, ch. 591, § 113.]