(a) To the extent required by federal law, each license-exempt childcare provider, as defined in Section 1596.60, who receives compensation, in whole or in part, under the Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children established pursuant to Section 11461.6 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, shall be registered pursuant to Sections 1596.603 and 1596.605. Registration shall be at no cost to the provider, and payment of the cost shall be consistent with county policies and procedures for payment of the cost for childcare providers who receive compensation under Stage 1 of the CalWORKs Child Care Program and who register with Trustline pursuant to Section 1596.67.

(b) Payment provided to a license-exempt childcare provider pursuant to Section 11461.6 of the Welfare and Institutions Code shall cease if the provider has a criminal conviction for which the department has not granted a criminal record exemption pursuant to subdivision (f) of Section 1596.871.

Terms Used In California Health and Safety Code 1596.671

(c) Subdivision (a) shall not be implemented unless funding for Trustline registration is appropriated to the department for this purpose in the annual Budget Act or in other legislation.

(Added by Stats. 2019, Ch. 27, Sec. 11. (SB 80) Effective June 27, 2019.)