Chapter 11-1 General Provisions
Chapter 11-2 Abandonment and Nonsupport
Chapter 11-3 Abortion
Chapter 11-4 Arson and Fires
Chapter 11-5 Assaults
Chapter 11-6 Bigamy and Adultery
Chapter 11-7 Bribery
Chapter 11-8 Burglary and Breaking and Entering
Chapter 11-9 Children
Chapter 11-9.1 Commercial Transactions
Chapter 11-10 Crime Against Nature
Chapter 11-11 Disorderly Conduct
Chapter 11-12 Dueling and Fighting
Chapter 11-13 Explosives and Fireworks
Chapter 11-14 False Personation
Chapter 11-15 Flags and Emblems
Chapter 11-16 Food and Beverages
Chapter 11-17 Forgery and Counterfeiting
Chapter 11-18 Fraud and False Dealing
Chapter 11-19 Gambling and Lotteries
Chapter 11-20 Graves and Corpses
Chapter 11-21 Hazing
Chapter 11-22 Highways
Chapter 11-23 Homicide
Chapter 11-24 Hotels And Public Places
Chapter 11-25 Jails and Prisons
Chapter 11-26 Kidnapping
Chapter 11-27 Law Practice
Chapter 11-28 Malfeasance and Misfeasance in Office
Chapter 11-29 Mayhem
Chapter 11-30 Nuisances
Chapter 11-31 Obscene and Objectionable Publications and Shows
Chapter 11-32 Obstructing Justice
Chapter 11-33 Perjury and False Swearing
Chapter 11-34 Prostitution and Lewdness
Chapter 11-34.1 Commercial Sexual Activity
Chapter 11-35 Public Utilities
Chapter 11-35.1 Theft of Telecommunication Services
Chapter 11-36 Railroads and Carriers
Chapter 11-37 Sexual Assault
Chapter 11-37.1 Sexual Offender Registration and Community Notification
Chapter 11-37.2 Sexual Assault Protective Orders
Chapter 11-37.3 Child Safe Zones
Chapter 11-38 Riotous Assembly
Chapter 11-39 Robbery
Chapter 11-41 Theft, Embezzlement, False Pretenses, and Misappropriation
Chapter 11-41.1 Grocery and Laundry Carts, Milk Cases, Egg Baskets, and Bakery Containers
Chapter 11-41.2 Alteration of Electronic Equipment — Serial Numbers
Chapter 11-42 Threats and Extortion
Chapter 11-43 Treason and Related Offenses
Chapter 11-44 Trespass and Vandalism
Chapter 11-45 Disorderly Conduct
Chapter 11-45.1 Unreasonable Noise Levels
Chapter 11-46 Waters
Chapter 11-46.1 Intertidal Salt Marshes
Chapter 11-47 Weapons
Chapter 11-48 Substances Releasing Toxic Vapors
Chapter 11-49 Credit Card Crime Act
Chapter 11-49.1 Impersonation and Identity Fraud
Chapter 11-49.3 Identity Theft Protection Act of 2015
Chapter 11-50 Games of Chance
Chapter 11-51 Organized Criminal Gambling
Chapter 11-52 Computer Crime
Chapter 11-52.1 Internet Misrepresentation of Business Affiliation Act
Chapter 11-52.2 Software Fraud
Chapter 11-52.3 Online Property Offenses
Chapter 11-54 Experimentation on Human Fetuses
Chapter 11-55 Paramilitary Training
Chapter 11-56 Duty to Render Assistance
Chapter 11-57 Racketeer Violence
Chapter 11-58 Falsifying Educational Records
Chapter 11-59 Stalking
Chapter 11-60 Assisted Suicide
Chapter 11-62 Community Restitution
Chapter 11-63 Use of Theft Detection Devices
Chapter 11-64 Electronic Imaging Devices
Chapter 11-65 Unlawful Operation of a Recording Device
Chapter 11-66 Hydrant Tampering
Chapter 11-67.1 Uniform Act on Prevention of and Remedies for Human Trafficking
Chapter 11-68 Exploitation of Elders
Chapter 11-69 Electronic Tracking of Motor Vehicles