Article 1 Theft and Related Offenses 13A-8-1 – 13A-8-23
Article 1A Secondary Metal Recycling 13A-8-30 – 13A-8-39
Article 2 Robbery 13A-8-40 – 13A-8-44
Article 2A Pharmacy Robbery 13A-8-50 – 13A-8-52
Article 3 Shopping Carts 13A-8-60 – 13A-8-64
Article 3A Traffic Signs 13A-8-70 – 13A-8-73
Article 3B Theft of Consigned Motor Fuels 13A-8-75 – 13A-8-78
Article 4 Copying and Sale of Recorded Devices 13A-8-80 – 13A-8-86
Article 4A Unlawful Operation of a Recording Device in Motion Picture Theater 13A-8-90
Article 5 Alabama Computer Crime Act 13A-8-100 – 13A-8-103
Article 5A The Alabama Digital Crime Act 13A-8-110 – 13A-8-119
Article 6 Theft of Cable Television Services 13A-8-120 – 13A-8-126
Article 7 Theft by Fraudulent Leasing or Rental of Property 13A-8-140 – 13A-8-144
Article 8 Telecommunication Equipment or Plans, Prohibited Possession, Distribution, Use 13A-8-150 – 13A-8-152
Article 9 Leaving Premises of Gasoline Sales Establishment without Remitting Payment 13A-8-170
Article 10 The Consumer Identity Protection Act 13A-8-190 – 13A-8-201