§ 16-228 Telephone lines
§ 16-229 Excavation in highway
§ 16-230 Bond requirement
§ 16-231 Appeal
§ 16-231a Cuts and permanent patches in highway. Inspections. Repairs. Certification
§ 16-232 Rights of companies organized under general law
§ 16-233 Use of gain by town, city, borough, fire district or Department of Transportation
§ 16-234 Conducting vegetation management; notice to abutting and private property owners. Changing location of, erecting or placing wires, conductors, fixtures, structures or apparatus over, on or under any highway or public ground; rights of adjoining proprietor
§ 16-235 Control by local authorities. Orders. Appeals
§ 16-236 Appraisal of damages; costs
§ 16-237 No prescriptive right
§ 16-238 Wires may be cut; notice
§ 16-239 Dispatches transmitted in order. Exceptions
§ 16-243 Jurisdiction of authority over electricity transmission lines
§ 16-243a Private power producers. Purchase and sale of electricity. Avoided costs. Small renewable power projects. Interconnectivity standards
§ 16-243b Definitions. Jurisdiction
§ 16-243c Electricity transmission and distribution services for electric cooperatives utilizing cogeneration technology and renewable energy resources
§ 16-243d Project by private power producer deemed “industrial project”
§ 16-243e Electric distribution company purchase of electricity generated by municipal resources recovery facilities
§ 16-243f Private power providers. Regulations concerning the purchase and sale of electricity
§ 16-243g Assignment of electricity purchase agreements
§ 16-243h Credit to residential customers who generate electricity; metering
§ 16-243i Awards to retail end use electric customers and electric distribution companies re customer-side distributed resources
§ 16-243j Long-term financing for customer-side distributed resources and advanced power monitoring and metering equipment
§ 16-243k Assessment of customer-side and grid-side distributed resources, effectiveness of award program
§ 16-243l Rebate for customer-side distributed resource projects that use natural gas
§ 16-243m Measures to reduce federally mandated congestion charges
§ 16-243n Time-of-use, mandatory peak, shoulder, off-peak and seasonal rates. Optional interruptible or load response rates
§ 16-243o Waiver of back-up power rates
§ 16-243p Recovery of costs, investments and lost revenues by an electric distribution company
§ 16-243q Class III renewable energy portfolio standards
§ 16-243r Customer-side distributed resources and grid-side distributed resources. Qualifications for applicability of certain provisions
§ 16-243s Awards to electric distribution companies for programs for load curtailment, demand reduction and retrofit conservation
§ 16-243t Class III credits
§ 16-243u Plan to build peaking generation
§ 16-243v Connecticut electric efficiency partner program. Residential furnace or boiler replacement and propane fuel tank purchase program
§ 16-243w Advanced metering system plan and deployment
§ 16-243x Time-of-use meters. Notice of availability
§ 16-243y Microgrid grant and loan pilot program to support distributed energy generation for critical facilities
§ 16-243z Geographic information systems data sharing. Disclosure of locations of medical hardship accounts in emergencies
§ 16-243aa Distribution of electricity across a public highway or street by a municipality or state or federal governmental entity
§ 16-243bb Adjustment of electric distribution company residential fixed charge
§ 16-244 Electric deregulation; findings and declarations
§ 16-244a Rate freeze for electric service
§ 16-244b Electric customers to choose electric suppliers. Phase-in of electric deregulation
§ 16-244c Standard service. Alternative standard service. Supplier of last resort. Back-up generation service. Participating electric suppliers
§ 16-244d Program for distribution of information re electric suppliers. Rate board Internet web site
§ 16-244e Ownership or operation of generation assets. Customer bill
§ 16-244f Divestiture of nonnuclear electric generation facilities. Plan. Approval of sale by authority
§ 16-244g Divestiture of nuclear electric generation facilities. Plan. Approval of sale by authority
§ 16-244h Code of conduct for electric distribution companies, generation entities or affiliates and electric suppliers. Contents of code. Penalties, damages
§ 16-244i Duties of electric distribution companies
§ 16-244j Electric transmission lines from Bethel to Norwalk. Moratorium. Working group and comprehensive assessment
§ 16-244k Allocation of the proceeds of the retail adder
§ 16-244l Modification of fuel cell electricity purchase agreements
§ 16-244m Procurement Plan re standard service
§ 16-244n Standard service contract buydown
§ 16-244o Generation evaluation and procurement process
§ 16-244p Transmission line project review
§ 16-244q Request for proposal re reliability concerns
§ 16-244r Long-term contracts re zero emission generation projects. Solicitation of Class I generation projects. Renewable energy credits
§ 16-244s Zero emission generation projects solicitation plan. Procurement plan. Noncompliance fee
§ 16-244t Power purchase contracts re low-emission generation projects. Renewable energy credits
§ 16-244u Virtual net metering
§ 16-244v Renewable energy sources generation. Proposals to build, own or operate facilities
§ 16-244w Grid-side system enhancements pilot program
§ 16-244x Shared clean energy facility pilot program
§ 16-245 Licensing of electric suppliers. Procedures. Penalties. Registration of electric aggregators. Procedures. Penalties
§ 16-245a Renewable portfolio standards
§ 16-245b Municipalities and regional water authorities acting as electric aggregators; registration with Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
§ 16-245c Municipal electric utilities participating in deregulated environment. Authority to provide generation services outside service area
§ 16-245d Billing of electric service. Standard format. Contents. Bill inserts and mailings. Electronic bill payment confirmation
§ 16-245e Stranded costs of electric distribution companies. Definitions. Calculation by authority. Procedures. Adjustments. Mitigation
§ 16-245f Funding of certain disbursements to the General Fund. Funding of stranded costs through rate reduction bonds. Funding of economic recovery transfer through economic recovery revenue bonds. Assessment
§ 16-245g Competitive transition assessment. Determination by authority of amount and how applied to electric customers. Duration
§ 16-245h Transition property. Surplus competitive transition assessment. Restrictions on use of transition property by electric distribution companies
§ 16-245i Financing orders re the economic recovery transfer, the Energy Conservation and Load Management Fund, the Clean Energy Fund and stranded costs
§ 16-245j Rate reduction bonds and economic recovery revenue bonds; terms
§ 16-245k Security interest in transition property; creation; perfection. Transferring transition property. Duration of authority to issue financing orders
§ 16-245l Systems benefits charge. Determination by authority of amount and how applied to customers
§ 16-245m Energy Conservation and Load Management Fund. Energy Conservation Management Board. Conservation and Load Management Plan. Assessment. Conservation adjustment mechanism
§ 16-245n Connecticut Green Bank. Charge assessed against electric customers. Clean Energy Fund
§ 16-245o Use of customer information. Promotional inserts in electric bills prohibited. Standard form re contract terms and conditions. Procedures for entering, renewing and terminating service contracts. Rate increase disclosures. Marketing and advertising disclo
§ 16-245p Information re electric supplier and electric distribution company to be provided to customers
§ 16-245q Changing electric suppliers
§ 16-245r Discrimination by electric suppliers prohibited
§ 16-245s Switching electric suppliers; procedures; penalties; regulations
§ 16-245t Complaints to authority re electric suppliers; procedures; remedies
§ 16-245u Unfair and discriminatory conduct and unfair trade practices in electric market prohibited. Investigations
§ 16-245v List of displaced electric utility employees to be provided to distribution companies and electric suppliers
§ 16-245w Fee to be paid by self-generation facilities in lieu of certain assessments; study by authority
§ 16-245x Monitoring and reporting by authority of electric rates of each customer class. Action to minimize rate differential
§ 16-245y Annual reporting re status of electric deregulation
§ 16-245z Internet links to Energy Star program
§ 16-245aa Renewable energy and efficient energy finance program
§ 16-245bb Bond authorization
§ 16-245cc Demand charge waiver for fuel cells
§ 16-245dd Residential electric space heating tariff
§ 16-245ee Energy conservation and load management and renewable energy projects in lower income communities. Requirements for approval
§ 16-245ff Residential solar investment program
§ 16-245gg Master purchase agreement for solar home renewable energy credits
§ 16-245hh Condominium renewable energy grant program
§ 16-245ii Energy consumption data of nonresidential buildings
§ 16-245jj Town customer electricity and gas usage information
§ 16-245kk Issuance of bonds, notes and other obligations by the Connecticut Green Bank
§ 16-245ll Clean energy bonds
§ 16-245mm Special capital reserve funds
§ 16-245nn Residential solar photovoltaic system permit
§ 16-246 Other companies which may sell electricity
§ 16-246a Definitions
§ 16-246e Procurement and sale by authority of electric power capacity and power output from out-of-state producers. Approval by Governor
§ 16-246f Electric company emergency assistance
§ 16-246g Pilot program for electric generation
§ 16-247 Foreign telephone companies
§ 16-247a Goals of the state. Definitions
§ 16-247b Unbundling of telephone company’s network, services and functions. Access to telephone company’s telecommunications services, functions and unbundled network elements. Rates for competitive or emerging competitive service. Subsidization prohibited
§ 16-247c Provision of intrastate telecommunications services. Civil penalty. Competition
§ 16-247d Biennial reports on competition for intrastate interexchange telecommunications service. Plan for implementing competition. General Assembly approval required
§ 16-247e Basic telecommunications services. Lifeline and telecommunications relay service programs. Universal service program
§ 16-247f Regulation of telecommunication services: Initial classifications, reclassifications, tariffs, exemption from filing tariff
§ 16-247g Certificate of public convenience and necessity for intrastate telecommunications services: Application, requirements, suspension, revocation. Fees. Obligation to serve
§ 16-247h Use of public right-of-way for provision of intrastate telecommunications service
§ 16-247i Telecommunications service and regulation status report
§ 16-247j Regulations
§ 16-247k Alternative forms of regulation for telephone companies: Plan requirements, monitoring period, modification
§ 16-247l Access by certified telecommunications providers to occupied buildings: Service, wiring, compensation, regulations, civil penalty
§ 16-247m Withdrawal by telephone company of retail telecommunications service. Applications
§ 16-247n Certification of telephone company’s operations support systems interface. Rates. Proceedings
§ 16-247o Consultant to test operations support systems interface
§ 16-247p Quality-of-service standards. Performance standards
§ 16-247q Education outreach program for telecommunications competition, scope. Consumer Education Advisory Council established
§ 16-247r Discrimination by telephone companies and certified telecommunications providers prohibited
§ 16-247s Directory assistance database. Disclosure and distribution of cellular mobile telephone numbers
§ 16-247t Customer inquiries and complaints regarding cellular mobile telephone service
§ 16-247u Unauthorized procurement and sale of telephone records. Definitions. Exclusions. Telephone company protection of records. Penalties. Unfair trade practice
§ 16-247v Performance standards for restoration of intrastate telecommunications service after emergencies. Credit for service outages
§ 16-248 Rights of telephone company in operation May 23, 1985
§ 16-250b Cellular mobile telephone service. Authority jurisdiction. Regulations
§ 16-251 Bonds of telephone company
§ 16-252 Bonds may be secured by mortgage
§ 16-255 General powers
§ 16-256 Notice of offense in party line usage in telephone directory
§ 16-256a Directory assistance charge prohibited
§ 16-256b Special telecommunications equipment for deaf and hearing impaired persons. Fund. Amplification controls for coin and coinless telephones installed for public or semipublic use
§ 16-256c Extended local calling criteria. Calling volume. Subscriber survey and vote. Petitions
§ 16-256d Itemized telephone bills for business customers
§ 16-256e Recorded telephone message devices prohibited
§ 16-256f Blocking service available to customers
§ 16-256g Proceeding to determine monthly subscriber fee. Assessment of subscribers for enhanced emergency 9-1-1 program and firefighters cancer relief program
§ 16-256h Business to residential pricing ratio for basic exchange service
§ 16-256i Primary local or intrastate interexchange carrier orders. Unauthorized switching. Penalty
§ 16-256j Billing for telecommunications services. Information re carriers, basic, local service and taxes
§ 16-256k Disclosure for removal or change in telecommunications service. Disclosure for promotional offerings
§ 16-257 Recording of agreement of consolidation or merger of electric and gas companies
§ 16-258 Standards concerning electricity and gas
§ 16-258a Registration of natural gas sellers. Procedures. Penalties
§ 16-258b Registration of electric generating facilities
§ 16-258c Dual fuel capability requirements for electric generating facilities
§ 16-258d District heating systems incentive program
§ 16-259 Inspection of meters
§ 16-259a Inaccurate billing. Financial liability of customer. Payment plan
§ 16-260 Water meters may be required
§ 16-261 Extension of electric lines to unserved areas. Determination of rates
§ 16-261a Interagency electric and magnetic fields task force; composition; study. Assessment of electric public service companies for specified expenses of task force
§ 16-262 Gas companies authorized to deal in natural gas
§ 16-262a Water company to have area resident as director or advisory council of area residents
§ 16-262b Notice of discharge of explosives or highway excavation to gas companies
§ 16-262c Termination of utility service for nonpayment, when prohibited. Amortization agreements. Moneys allowed to be deducted from customers’ accounts and moneys to be included in rates as an operating expense. Hardship cases. Notice. Regulations. Annual reports
§ 16-262d Termination of residential utility service on account of nonpayment. Notice. Nontermination in event of illness during pendency of customer complaint or investigation. Amortization agreement. Appeal. Notice re credit rating information
§ 16-262e Notice furnished tenants re intended termination of utility service. Assumption by tenants of liability for future service. Liability of landlords for certain utility services. Deduction from rent. Access to meters
§ 16-262f Action for receivership of rents and common expenses by electric distribution, gas and telephone companies; petition; hearing; appointment; duties; termination
§ 16-262g Penalty
§ 16-262h Nonexclusivity of remedy
§ 16-262i Regulations
§ 16-262j Refusal of residential utility service. Regulations. Refusal of telecommunications service to a candidate or committee. Interest on customer security deposits
§ 16-262k Interconnection of public water supply systems to relieve site-specific water shortages
§ 16-262l Receivership of water companies for failure to provide adequate service. Personal liability of directors, officers and managers
§ 16-262m Construction specifications for water companies
§ 16-262n Definition. Economic viability of water companies. Reviews. Failure to comply with orders. Hearings
§ 16-262o Acquisition of water company ordered by authority. Rates and charges. Recovery of acquisition costs
§ 16-262p Improvements by acquiring entity
§ 16-262q Compensation for acquisition of water company
§ 16-262r Satellite management of water companies. Expedited rate proceedings
§ 16-262s Voluntary acquisition of water company. Surcharges. Rate of return
§ 16-262t Action for receivership of rent and common expenses by water companies; petition; hearing; appointment; duties; termination
§ 16-262u Replacement and repair of water service connections. Granting of exceptions
§ 16-262v Water company infrastructure projects: Definitions
§ 16-262w Water company rate adjustment mechanisms
§ 16-262x Termination of residential utility service. Requirements
§ 16-262y Water company revenue adjustment mechanism
§ 16-262z Properties served by deficient well systems. Extension of service by water company