§ 40A:9-1.1 Director of safety; appointment of non-resident; ordinance
§ 40A:9-1.2 Municipal treasurer; appointment of nonresident; ordinance
§ 40A:9-1.3 Bona fide residents of local unit; officers and employees; resolution or ordinance
§ 40A:9-1.4 Eligibility of applicants in local units subject to civil service
§ 40A:9-1.5 Nonresident appointees to become bona fide residents; failure to maintain; grounds for removal or discharge
§ 40A:9-1.6 Unavailability of qualified residents for available specific positions or employments; appointment of other qualified applicants; preference schedule; conditions of employment; notice to and classification by civil service commission
§ 40A:9-1.7 Specific positions and employments requiring special talents or skills; filling without reference to residency
§ 40A:9-1.8 Preference in promotion
§ 40A:9-1.9 Application of act on and after effective date
§ 40A:9-1.10 Preemption of order of court or of state or federal agency to eliminate discrimination
§ 40A:9-1.11 Definitions
§ 40A:9-1.12 Local elective office; residency requirement; vacancy upon cessation of residency
§ 40A:9-1.13 Eligibility for candidacy or appointment to local elective office
§ 40A:9-1.14 Inapplicability of s. 40A:9-1.13 to special municipal charters
§ 40A:9-1.15 Residency requirement waiver
§ 40A:9-1.16 Hiring preferences for veterans.
§ 40A:9-2 Appointees to have the required qualifications in cases of scientific engineering skill
§ 40A:9-3 Discrimination by reason of age; exceptions
§ 40A:9-4 Dual office holding.
§ 40A:9-5 Rights of certain employees transferred to other positions
§ 40A:9-6 De facto officers and employees; right to compensation
§ 40A:9-7 Leaves of absence with pay to certain officers and employees
§ 40A:9-7.1 Leaves of absence; athletic competition on world, Pan American or Olympic level; reimbursement by state
§ 40A:9-7.2 Leave of absence for members of legislature
§ 40A:9-7.3 Unpaid leaves of absence for union officers, representatives of certain public employees.
§ 40A:9-8 Salaries; power of Civil Service Commission
§ 40A:9-9 Appointments; permanent and temporary
§ 40A:9-9.1 Oath of office administered.
§ 40A:9-9.2 Directory of local authorities, boards, commissions.
§ 40A:9-10 Compensation; exceptions
§ 40A:9-10.1 Contracts for lesser salaries, wages or compensation
§ 40A:9-10.2 Payment for accumulated sick leave by political subdivision, noncivil service.
§ 40A:9-10.3 Use of accumulated vacation leave by political subdivision, noncivil service.
§ 40A:9-10.4 Cap on compensation for unused sick leave not covered by Title 11A.
§ 40A:9-10.5 Use of accrued vacation leave by employee not covered under Title 11A.
§ 40A:9-11 Vacancy due to change to nonresident status or upon resignation; filling; municipal offices open to nonresidents
§ 40A:9-12 Vacancy from any cause other than expiration of term or filing of petition for recall
§ 40A:9-12.1 Vacancy deemed on resignation, incapacity, death, residence, absence, or removal; filling unexpired term.
§ 40A:9-17 Deductions for payment to credit unions, or to insurance companies or banks, savings banks or savings and loan associations for individual retirement annuity or account
§ 40A:9-17.1 Individual retirement accounts; establishment for employees and their spouses
§ 40A:9-17.2 Transmittal, crediting of funds to purchase annuity for employees.
§ 40A:9-19 Section 40:11-17 of the Revised Statutes saved from repeal
§ 40A:9-20 Chapter 181 of the laws of 1940 saved from repeal
§ 40A:9-22.1 Short title
§ 40A:9-22.2 Findings, declarations
§ 40A:9-22.4 Local Finance Board to have jurisdiction
§ 40A:9-22.5 Provisions requiring compliance by local government officers, employees
§ 40A:9-22.7 Powers of Local Finance Board
§ 40A:9-22.8 Request for advisory opinion from Local Finance Board
§ 40A:9-22.10 Violations, penalties.
§ 40A:9-22.11 Disciplinary actions against officer, employee found guilty of violation
§ 40A:9-22.13 Establishment of county ethics board
§ 40A:9-22.14 Provision of offices to county ethics board
§ 40A:9-22.16 Powers of county ethics board
§ 40A:9-22.17 Request for advisory opinion from county ethics board
§ 40A:9-22.19 Establishment of municipal ethics board
§ 40A:9-22.20 Provision of offices to municipal ethics board
§ 40A:9-22.22 Powers of municipal ethics board
§ 40A:9-22.23 Request for advisory opinion from municipal ethics board
§ 40A:9-22.25 Written materials to be preserved for at least five years
§ 40A:9-23 Eligibility of members of the board of chosen freeholders for other offices or positions; conditions; exceptions
§ 40A:9-24 Resignation of officers
§ 40A:9-25 Removal of officers and employees; procedure; review
§ 40A:9-27 Treasurer; term; duties
§ 40A:9-28 Comptroller; term; duties
§ 40A:9-28.2 Annual examinations; certificates; fees
§ 40A:9-28.3 Renewal of certificates; fee; continuing education; mitigating circumstances.
§ 40A:9-28.5 Interim officers appointed by director
§ 40A:9-28.6 Revocation, suspension of certificate
§ 40A:9-29 Auditor; term; duties
§ 40A:9-30 Purchasing agent; term, duties.
§ 40A:9-30.1 Definitions
§ 40A:9-30.2 Certified county purchasing official; application for certification
§ 40A:9-30.3 Certificate; issuance; fee
§ 40A:9-30.4 Revocation or suspension of certificate; request for review by board of chosen freeholders or executive
§ 40A:9-31 General storekeeper; term; duties
§ 40A:9-32 Superintendent of buildings and grounds; appointment; bond
§ 40A:9-34 Superintendent of child welfare; tenure of office in certain cases
§ 40A:9-35 Executive director of department of institutions of county of fifth class; tenure
§ 40A:9-42 County administrator
§ 40A:9-43 Counsel; engineer; appointment; term
§ 40A:9-44 Road supervisor; appointment; term
§ 40A:9-46 Medical examiners
§ 40A:9-47 Assistant medical examiners, qualifications; toxicologists, scientific experts, clerical assistants and other personnel
§ 40A:9-48 Appointment of licensed physician to act in certain cases
§ 40A:9-49 Payment for burial of unclaimed bodies
§ 40A:9-49.1 Burial expenses of indigents
§ 40A:9-50 Court orders pertaining to disinterment of dead bodies and duties of officials therewith
§ 40A:9-51 Morgues, morgue keepers; appointments
§ 40A:9-52 Morgue keepers; duties; burial certificates; fees and expenses
§ 40A:9-53 Delivery of unidentified, unclaimed dead bodies for placing in the morgue
§ 40A:9-54 Unidentified, unclaimed dead bodies in morgues; disposition
§ 40A:9-55 Delivery of identified dead bodies to proper persons; records
§ 40A:9-56 Unidentified, unclaimed dead bodies; disposition where no morgue keepers
§ 40A:9-57 Police to report finding of dead body
§ 40A:9-58 Disposition of personal property of unknown decedent
§ 40A:9-63 County clerk; bond
§ 40A:9-63.1 Commission; effective date; term of office
§ 40A:9-64 County clerk’s oath
§ 40A:9-65 Performance of duties before giving bond; misdemeanor
§ 40A:9-66 Seals of county clerks
§ 40A:9-67 Supreme Court rules governing county clerks who are attorneys at law
§ 40A:9-68 Duties of county clerk for the courts
§ 40A:9-69 Temporary clerks of courts
§ 40A:9-70 Vacancy in office of county clerk other than by expiration of term
§ 40A:9-71 Moneys received by county clerk; depositories
§ 40A:9-72 Transfer of records and moneys of county clerk to successor in office
§ 40A:9-73 Powers of county clerk
§ 40A:9-74 Personnel in office of county clerk
§ 40A:9-75 County clerk in certain counties may establish court division and registry division
§ 40A:9-76 Salary of county clerk in certain counties.
§ 40A:9-77 Compensation of deputy county clerks; chief clerks and other personnel
§ 40A:9-77.1 Chapter 260 of the laws of 1969 saved from repeal
§ 40A:9-77.2 Preparation of annual budget request by county clerk.
§ 40A:9-78 Section 4 of chapter 96 of the laws of 1959 saved from repeal
§ 40A:9-78.1 Short title.
§ 40A:9-78.2 “Veteran” defined.
§ 40A:9-78.3 Veteran identification card program.
§ 40A:9-78.4 Issuance of card.
§ 40A:9-78.5 Violations relative to veteran identification card.
§ 40A:9-78.6 Card not deemed proof of status.
§ 40A:9-78.7 Violations, disorderly persons offense.
§ 40A:9-80 Existing offices of register of deeds and mortgages, confirmed, continued; exceptions
§ 40A:9-81 Establishment of office of register of deeds and mortgages in certain counties; referendum
§ 40A:9-82 Transfer of records and papers upon the establishment of office of register of deeds and mortgages
§ 40A:9-83 Term of office of register of deeds and mortgages
§ 40A:9-84 Register of deeds and mortgages; bond
§ 40A:9-85 Register of deeds and mortgages; oath
§ 40A:9-86 Performance of duties before giving bond; misdemeanor
§ 40A:9-87 Certain statutory provisions applicable to county clerk where no register of deeds and mortgages
§ 40A:9-88 Vacancy in office of register of deeds and mortgages other than by expiration of term
§ 40A:9-89 Board of chosen freeholders to furnish accommodations and equipment for register of deeds and mortgages
§ 40A:9-89.1 Preparation of annual budget request by county register of deeds and mortgages.
§ 40A:9-90 Register of deeds and mortgages is the county recording officer
§ 40A:9-91 Personnel in the office of register of deeds and mortgages
§ 40A:9-92 Salary of register of deeds and mortgages.
§ 40A:9-93 Compensation of deputy register of deeds and mortgages, chief clerks and employees
§ 40A:9-94 Eligibility for office of sheriff
§ 40A:9-95 Sheriff’s bond
§ 40A:9-96 Sheriff’s oath
§ 40A:9-97 Certificate for commission
§ 40A:9-98 Sheriff not to perform duties of office before giving bond and taking oath; misdemeanor
§ 40A:9-99 Sheriff may act in certain cases where commission delayed
§ 40A:9-100 Effective date of commission and expiration of term of office
§ 40A:9-101 Failure of sheriff elect to qualify; effect
§ 40A:9-102 Vacancy in office, other than by expiration of term
§ 40A:9-103 Bond and oath of appointee to fill vacancy
§ 40A:9-104 Salary of sheriff.
§ 40A:9-105 Expenses payable to sheriffs
§ 40A:9-106 Uncollected fees credited to account of former sheriff
§ 40A:9-107 Sheriff to deliver to his successor moneys and papers
§ 40A:9-108 Sheriff not to hold other civil office; exceptions
§ 40A:9-109 Amercement of sheriff, acting sheriff
§ 40A:9-110 Amercement; court to designate enforcement officer
§ 40A:9-111 Bonds taken by sheriffs
§ 40A:9-113 Acting sheriff or newly appointed or elected sheriff to execute uncompleted writs and processes
§ 40A:9-114 Exercise of office pending new appointment or election
§ 40A:9-115 Undersheriffs; appointments; oaths
§ 40A:9-116 Limitations on number of undersheriffs
§ 40A:9-117 Undersheriffs, chief clerks and other personnel; compensation
§ 40A:9-117a Sheriff’s investigators
§ 40A:9-117b Appointment, transfer of certain law enforcement officers permitted.
§ 40A:9-117.1 Retirement upon pension; certain sheriff’s secretaries
§ 40A:9-117.2 Appointment of unpaid deputy sheriffs.
§ 40A:9-117.3 Deputy sheriffs; rights, privileges and immunities
§ 40A:9-117.4 Deputy sheriffs; identification and badges
§ 40A:9-117.5 Chief warrant officer
§ 40A:9-117.5a Inapplicability of act to tenure attained prior to effective date
§ 40A:9-117.6 Sheriff’s officers; appointment; duties
§ 40A:9-117.6a Applicability of “45-day” rule for violation of internal rules to sheriff’s officers.
§ 40A:9-117.7 Person appointed to perform duties listed in s. 40A:9-117.6 as sheriff’s officer
§ 40A:9-117.8 Court attendants; application for appointment as sheriff’s officer
§ 40A:9-117.9 Seniority; inclusion of permanent time in grade in former titles; reclassification of provisional civil service status
§ 40A:9-117.10 Duties, benefits and powers; compensation
§ 40A:9-117.11 Decrease of compensation on appointment; prohibition
§ 40A:9-117.12 Person over 35 appointed as sheriff’s officer; continuance as member of retirement system
§ 40A:9-117.13 Person under 35; transfer of membership in public employees’ retirement system or county pension fund to police and firemen’s retirement system
§ 40A:9-117.14 Sheriff’s officers; eligibility for permanent appointment without civil service open competitive examination
§ 40A:9-117.15 Sheriff’s officer chief; creation of position permitted
§ 40A:9-117.16 Candidates for sheriff’s officer chief; requirements
§ 40A:9-117.17 Appointment, term
§ 40A:9-117.18 Sheriff to prescribe duties
§ 40A:9-117.19 Continuation of position of sheriff’s officer chief, reappointment
§ 40A:9-118 Compensation of criminal identification bureau personnel
§ 40A:9-119 Status of criminal identification bureau personnel
§ 40A:9-119.1 Field representative of narcotic education; permanent appointment with competitive examination
§ 40A:9-119.2 Director of bureau of narcotics; appointment
§ 40A:9-120 Constables; appointment
§ 40A:9-121 Constables; terms of office
§ 40A:9-122 Annual charges payable by constables; badges
§ 40A:9-123 Constables; vacancy
§ 40A:9-124 Constable’s oath
§ 40A:9-125 Constable’s bond
§ 40A:9-126 Actions on constable’s bond
§ 40A:9-126.1 Constable’s reports
§ 40A:9-127 Actions for money payable to or by constables; jurisdiction
§ 40A:9-128 Statutes repealed
§ 40A:9-129 Officials; facsimile of signatures; seal; statement of terms of office to be filed with Secretary of State
§ 40A:9-130 Mayor; term; town certain, mayor, council terms
§ 40A:9-131 Acting mayor
§ 40A:9-132 Mayor to vote in certain cases
§ 40A:9-133 Municipal clerk, appointment, duties.
§ 40A:9-133.1 Municipal clerks, appointment, continuation, tenure
§ 40A:9-133.2 Application for examination; qualifications
§ 40A:9-133.3 Certification; fee
§ 40A:9-133.5 Revocation, suspension
§ 40A:9-133.6 Certificate necessary for reappointment
§ 40A:9-133.7 Reappointment, removal, dismissal.
§ 40A:9-133.8 Tenure starting in 1986
§ 40A:9-133.10 Renewal of certificates; conditions; fee.
§ 40A:9-133.11 Rules, regulations
§ 40A:9-133.12 Costs of complying with requirements; “costs” defined
§ 40A:9-134 Tenure for municipal clerks.
§ 40A:9-134.1 Municipality to provide clerk with means of defense in certain actions, legal proceedings
§ 40A:9-135 Deputy municipal clerk
§ 40A:9-136 Administrator; powers and duties
§ 40A:9-137 Administrator; appointment; term of office
§ 40A:9-138 Administrator; removal from office
§ 40A:9-139 Attorney; appointment; term
§ 40A:9-140 Engineer; appointment; compensation; term
§ 40A:9-140.1 Definitions.
§ 40A:9-140.2 Certification as municipal finance officer
§ 40A:9-140.3 Issuance of certificate; fee
§ 40A:9-140.4 Issuance of certificate to registered municipal accountant; fee
§ 40A:9-140.6 Membership on governing body prohibited
§ 40A:9-140.8 Tenure of office.
§ 40A:9-140.9 Complaint; filing; hearing; representation; jurisdiction of Superior Court
§ 40A:9-140.10 Municipality required to have chief financial officer; exceptions.
§ 40A:9-140.11 Issuance of municipal finance officer certificate, interim basis
§ 40A:9-140.12 Revocation, suspension of municipal finance officer certificate
§ 40A:9-140.13 Municipal finance officer certificate required; tenure; vacancies.
§ 40A:9-140.14 Prior holders of municipal finance officer certificate continue to hold certificate, issuance of certificate to newly-qualified applicants
§ 40A:9-140.15 Renewal of municipal finance officer certificates.
§ 40A:9-140.16 Regulations
§ 40A:9-141 Appointment of tax collector; compensation; work hours.
§ 40A:9-142 Tax collector; term of office
§ 40A:9-143 Collector of arrears of taxes
§ 40A:9-144 Tenure of tax collector; grant prior to December 31, 1981
§ 40A:9-145 Tenure for tax collectors completing certain courses of instruction; inapplicability after December 31, 1981
§ 40A:9-145.1 Definitions
§ 40A:9-145.2 Certification as tax collector.
§ 40A:9-145.3 Tax collector certificate; issuance; additional fee
§ 40A:9-145.3a Uncertified tax collector, application for certificate; issuance
§ 40A:9-145.3b Expiration, renewal of outstanding, lapsed certificates; fee.
§ 40A:9-145.3c Regulations, forms, procedures
§ 40A:9-145.5 Revocation, suspension of certificate
§ 40A:9-145.6 Prohibitions
§ 40A:9-145.7 Appointment or reappointment
§ 40A:9-145.8 Tenure; removal from office; dismissal; procedure.
§ 40A:9-145.9 Acquisition of tenure after Jan. 1, 1982
§ 40A:9-145.10 Holding office after effective date of act; appointment
§ 40A:9-145.11 Continuation in office of persons in office on effective date of act
§ 40A:9-145.12 Right to tenure of tax collector in office prior to and appointment after effective date of act
§ 40A:9-146 Appointment of tax assessor, deputies.
§ 40A:9-146.1 Boards of assessors; abolishment; secretary and members to be municipal tax and deputy assessors; salary and tenure rights
§ 40A:9-146.2 Reference to board of assessors or assessment to mean and refer to municipal tax assessor
§ 40A:9-146.3 Municipal tax assessors; appointment; terms of office; powers and duties
§ 40A:9-146.4 Appointment in more than one municipality
§ 40A:9-146.5 Inapplicability of act to agreements on hours of work
§ 40A:9-147 Chapter 205 of the laws of 1968 saved from repeal
§ 40A:9-148 Tax and deputy assessors; term of office; vacancies
§ 40A:9-148.1 Tax and deputy assessors; qualifications and duties
§ 40A:9-149 Tax assessors; appointment by Governor in certain cases
§ 40A:9-150 Chapter 211 of the laws of 1966 saved from repeal
§ 40A:9-152 Tenure of municipal treasurer.
§ 40A:9-152.1 Removal of municipal treasurer; complaint; hearing; review
§ 40A:9-153 Chapter 190 of the laws of 1943 saved from repeal
§ 40A:9-154 Poundkeepers
§ 40A:9-154.1 Adult school crossing guards; appointment; term; revocation; qualifications; supervision and direction
§ 40A:9-154.2 Training of adult school crossing guards
§ 40A:9-154.3 Uniform provided to adult school crossing guard; exemption
§ 40A:9-154.4 Stations; time period
§ 40A:9-154.5 Municipal superintendent of public works; defined
§ 40A:9-154.6 Tenure of office; continuous holding of office for 5 years; ordinance; dismissal.
§ 40A:9-154.6a Definitions
§ 40A:9-154.6b Public Works Advisory Board, appointment, terms; certification requirements for managers
§ 40A:9-154.6c Issuance of public works manager certificate without examination; requirements
§ 40A:9-154.6d Application fee, examination
§ 40A:9-154.6e Application for certificate
§ 40A:9-154.6f Revocation, suspension of certificate
§ 40A:9-154.6g Certificate required after January 1, 1997; exemptions, penalties.
§ 40A:9-154.6h Renewal of certificates.
§ 40A:9-154.6i Fees established
§ 40A:9-154.7 Parking enforcement officers
§ 40A:9-154.8 Limitations
§ 40A:9-154.9 Minimum qualifications for appointment as parking enforcement officer.
§ 40A:9-154.10 Fingerprints; investigation
§ 40A:9-154.11 Training course
§ 40A:9-154.12 Uniform; insignia
§ 40A:9-154.13 Fees
§ 40A:9-154.14 Designation
§ 40A:9-154.15 Exclusion
§ 40A:9-155 Members of governing body eligible for certain offices; exceptions
§ 40A:9-156 Elective and appointive officers; commencement of term of office; exceptions
§ 40A:9-157 Temporary appointments
§ 40A:9-158 Temporary leave of absence; substitute
§ 40A:9-159 Leave of absence for certain officers and employees entering the armed forces of the United States
§ 40A:9-160.1 Compensatory time off for employees who are members of certain volunteer organizations
§ 40A:9-161 Removal of officers and employees; procedure; exceptions
§ 40A:9-163 Change in government; effect on officers
§ 40A:9-164 Delegates to certain conventions
§ 40A:9-165 Salaries, wages or compensation of mayor or other chief executive; officers and employees; exceptions; referendum
§ 40A:9-165.1 Compensation of members of governing body and chief executive; determination; effective date and procedure for protest
§ 40A:9-167 Referendum on ordinance fixing salaries, wages or compensation
§ 40A:9-168 Petition for referendum on salaries, wages or compensation
§ 40A:9-171 Compensation for services notwithstanding statute declared unconstitutional
§ 40A:9-172 Judicially determined illegal suspension or dismissal; officer or employee entitled to recover salary; proviso
§ 40A:9-173 Hospital service or medical service group insurance; authorization for deductions from salaries
§ 40A:9-174 Compensation for injury or death to member of governing body or other officer in performance of duty
§ 40A:9-175 Statutes repealed